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Life’s a Sport…Play it!

Elam Sports Oahu Can Help You Play!

Elam Sports O`ahu, founded by Reid P. Elam, PhD, DPT, ATC, CSCS, takes a unique and very natural approach to sports and orthopedic physical therapy. Their view is that life’s a sport and the world is your playing field. This philosophy permeates every action they take to help their clients achieve their optimum ability to participate more fully in playing, having fun and enjoying the game of life. Their team of physical therapists are highly trained and design programs that meet the specific needs of every client.

They focus on the human body’s organic seven basic movements that are important for all daily activities: squat, lunge, twist, bend, push, pull and gait. Dr. Elam has established Elam Sports O`ahu with the best staff and equipment to assist in rehabilitating these movements, regardless of the particular condition, impairment or disability. These movements are combined to improve specific goals for strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, coordination and balance.

In addition to physical therapy that uses various types of exercise equipment, treatment modalities and manual therapy techniques, Elam Sports O`ahu also uses an indoor pool as a transition therapy for specific conditions. Going from the reduced gravity in the heated pool that puts less stress on the body initially, followed by the land-based gravity in the gym, improves recovery and gets the patient back to regular activities sooner than if only land-based therapies were used.

Elam also offers a range of other services including massage therapy, work hardening and conditioning, functional capacity evaluations using specific gauges and sensors, as well as personal training and sports medicine.

Anyone that has a goal to achieve better optimum performance, whether recovering from an illness, surgery or other difficulty, can contact Elam Sports O`ahu for more information about their facility and the programs offered. If physical therapy is being recommended by a physician, patients can request a referral to Elam Sports O`ahu. Most insurance programs are accepted, and their staff is proficient in working with the authorization and billing procedures.

Location: 91-1027 Shangrila Street, Building 1867, Kapolei. For more information, call 808-674-9595 to talk with a member of the staff, email kap@ElamSportsOahu.com or visit ElamSportsOahu.com

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