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How to Know It’s the House For YOU

Angela Pohakuola Studer Can Help

House hunting can be fun, or it can be intimidating. Knowing if it’s the right house and when it’s time to make an offer can be tough. Having the right agent to talk to about it can make all the difference.

Here are seven clues to talk about that can help point towards one house verses another.

1) Those First Few Seconds Feel Right

First impressions mean so much. A home that is warm and comforting will speak volumes. A welcoming home encourages exploration. If it simply feels right, it most likely is.

2) The Bathroom Checks Out

It’s not something we generally talk about, but most of us spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. When touring a house, if the bathroom says “hey, check me out” then this could be the house to buy. If it says “run,” you probably should.

3) It Meets Basic Criteria

Every home shopper has a list of features they’re looking for. It’s highly unlikely that a house will meet all of them. But, if it meets the basic criteria, it could be the one. It’s important to be willing to reconsider the features during the search. Knowing which ones to be flexible on is an important part of finding the right home.

4) The House Is OK as Is

There are little flaws in every home—cracks in the tile, stains on the counter, screen missing in a window. If these little flaws make the place feel imperfect and undesirable, keep looking. However, if they seem inconsequential and there’s a tendency to explain them away, then it’s a sign of falling in love with the place and this could be the new home that dreams are made of.

5) Furniture Fits the Layout

There’s some controversy about whether an empty house shows better than one that has furnishings. When looking to buy a home it’s important to imagine how one’s furniture will fit in the layout. So, is that easier to imagine when the current owner’s round table is sitting where a square table will go, or is it easier when the room has no furniture at all? One thing is for certain though, when you start seeing how your own furniture will fit in a home, it’s a sign that the house could be a winner.

6) Telling Friends and Family

Feeling excited, taking pictures and reaching out to tell family and friends about the house is a sign that this is it.

7) Ready to Stop Looking

Finding the right home comes with a sense of completion. Looking at other homes feels unnecessary. They don’t have the same appeal. That’s a sure sign that the right house has been found.

Now, make the offer, because someone else may have the same feeling and it would be a shame to lose out on the place.

For help finding your dream home, contact Angela Pohakuola Studer (RA) RS-79822, Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties, 4460 Kapolei Pkwy., Ste. 310, Kapolei, call 808-551-0900, email Angela.Pohakuola@cbPacific.com, or visit AngelaPohakuola.cbInTouch.com

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