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GreenMax Pro

Available at the 2018 Made in Hawaii Festival

Anyone looking to pick up GreenMax Pro will want to visit the Made in Hawaii Festival where Jeani Martin will be offering her amazing all-natural, clean-everything products. The festival is taking place August 17–19 at the Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall and Arena. More information can be found on the festival website at MadeinHawaiiFestival.com.

​GreenMax Pro is plant-derived and can be used to clean the body, home, plants and animals. It cleans everything — vehicles, boats, kitchens, bathrooms, floors and driveways. It will remove makeup, calcium deposits, crayon marks and mold and mildew. It also stops the itch of bug bites and jelly fish stings. GreenMax Pro is made from a proprietary formula of kelp, tea tree oil, tumeric, geranium, eucalyptus, grapefruit seed extract and kukui oil. Not only does it clean everything without chemicals, it also smells wonderful!

Jeani’s GreenMax Pro can replace all the chemical cleaning solutions currently being used. It can also be purchased on her website at GreenMaxPro.com, which is also a great place to read testimonials from people that have used her all-natural, organic products and achieved improved health and clean, safe, fresh-air homes.

Location of the Festival: 777 Ward Avenue, Honolulu. Green Max Pro is available online at GreenMaxPro.com. You can reach Jeani at PO Box 8811, Honolulu, HI 96830, text her at 808-639-1845 or email her at GreenMaxPro@gmail.com.



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