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Blue Zones Project Update

Power 9 for the Holidays

The Blue Zones Project Hawaii is a community-based, well-being initiative that is designed to make healthy choices easier in the places where we work, live and play. Working with local businesses, faith-based organizations, restaurants, grocery stores and schools, Blue Zones Project Teams help bring about permanent changes in lifestyle choices that lead to individu-als living healthier and longer lives. The eight communities currently participating are Wahiawa, Kapolei-Ewa, Manoa-Makiki-McCully-Moiliili, Koolaupoko on Oahu; North, East West on Big Island; and Wailuku-Kahului on Maui. 

The Blue Zones Project in Wahiawa would like to thank the community for all the support this year! As we continue to build a healthier and happier community, and make healthy choices the easy choices, it has always been a community-driven initiative. Thank you all for choosing to live longer, better.

The movement in Wahiawa has been led by 7 Restaurants, 10 Worksites, 8 Faith Organizations, 20 Civic and Other Organizations, 9 Schools, and 1 Grocery store that have registered and are currently adopting best practices toward becoming Blue Zones approved organizations. They look forward to seeing more joining the Blue Zones movement.

As we enter the holiday season, Blue Zones wants to remind everyone to put down their electronics and spend time with friends, family and loved ones.

Exercise the Power 9 this holiday season with these ideas:

  1. Family First – Spend time with ohana!
  2. Right Tribe – Do a fun activity together such as cooking or building a gingerbread house.
  3. Downshift – Take some time to reflect how this year went and what next year may bring.
  4. Move naturally – Holiday shopping and putting up decorations around the house are great forms of exercise!
  5. Purpose – People that know and live their purpose live longer, healthier lives. Attend a Blue Zones Purpose Workshop.
  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables – Consider bringing healthier dishes to holiday parties. Recipes can be found at BlueZones.com/Recipes.
  7. 80% rule – There is nothing wrong with trying different holiday dishes if you eat smaller portions.
  8. Social Hour – Have some holiday cider or eggnog with friends!
  9. Belong – Enjoy fellowship with friends of the same faith.

Stay tuned for upcoming events in Blue Zones Wahiawa in 2019:

  • Meet and Social – Wine Time
  • Food Marquee Project
  • Wahiawa Pineapple Festival
  • Wahiawa Fresh! Golf Tournament
  • Cooking and Gardening Demonstrations
  • Move Naturally Events

. For more information about Blue Zones Hawaii, visit Hawaii.Blue-ZonesProject.com. To get in touch with the Wahiawa Team, visit Facebook@bzpwahiawa.

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