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The Importance of Girlfriends!

Brandi Kiana Jo Brings it to the Forefront

Brandi Kiana Jo, a holistic coach and experiential event producer, is the founder of the Girlfriends movement here on Oahu. She recognizes the special bond that women have and has been getting women together for Girlfriends events for the past two years.

Stanford University has published studies that show in times of stress, women don’t just experience the reaction to fight or flight, they also release oxytocin, a hormone that facilitates bonding. This hormonal surge causes women to protect their children — and helps them connect with other women.

The need for girlfriend bonds become more important with age as responsibilities tend to pile up. Girlfriends are there through ups and downs — they know the secrets and stay anyway.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to make time for them.

1.Mood Doesn’t Matter. Girlfriends stand by each other through the ups and downs and everything in between. They offer advise without condemnation.

2.Good Time Guaranteed. No matter what goes on, getting together is a guaranteed good time. Whether visits are frequent or few, there’s always something to catch up on.

3.Guy Trouble, No Trouble. Girlfriends get it and have probably been through it. Who better to talk to about it than a girlfriend?

4.Honesty is the Policy. They will call out the dramatics, critique the bad choices and tell the truth even when it’s tough, all with love and care.

5.That Little Black Dress. That big night when finding just the right outfit seems impossible, the closet of a friend sure comes in handy.  

6.They GET IT. It’s reassuring on a crazy day to have a friend that understands. Girls get girl issues.

Girlfriends: From Event to Game

Brandi Kiana-Jo is transforming Girlfriends from a women’s empowerment event into a board game so that it can reach more women. “My inspiration for producing Girlfriends was to help women build authentic and meaningful relationships, spend more time having fun with like-minded women and make a positive impact in the community,” Brandi explains. “But I want to expand it and reach women around the world.”

The Girlfriends game is designed for women to host events in their home, businesses or club, bringing them together through speaking, writing and drawing activities. “The greatest thing that can come from this is starting meaningful relationships that develop and last,” Brandi explains. “The game is tailored for women of any age, from 16-years old and up. It works as a great ice breaker at personal and corporate events such as birthdays, bridal showers, networking events, conferences, meetings and clubs.

The board game is in the process of being produced; a launch date will be announced soon. It can be pre-ordered by pledging a donation online. Each donation will help advance production as well as purchase a game either for personal use, or to offer it to a nonprofit or another person.

For more information, call Brandi Kiana-Jo at 808-393-5527 or visit OneExperience.Guru/Girlfriends.

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