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The Problems of Silver Amalgam Fillings

Dr. Dennis Nagata Has the Solution

Silver dental fillings are an amalgamation of many metals, the primary one being mercury — a known health hazard. Silver fillings are also known to expand in the wet environment of the mouth, causing stress fractures and eventually the complete fracture of the tooth under biting forces. Fortunately, Dennis T. Nagata, DDS, in Honolulu, can safely remove them.

Even though this type of filling has been banned in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, amalgam fillings are still used in other countries. Some U.S. dentists use this material because it is inexpensive and easy to apply, and they point to a controversial FDA approval as evidence that it’s okay to use.

Removing these outdated fillings requires special care, since opening one to remove it releases hazardous mercury vapor which can cause a myriad of complications, including vision problems, coordination impairment, and nerve damage. Mercury vapor is also a known carcinogen.

Dr. Dennis Nagata is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) which is global network of dentists, health professionals, and scientists founded in 1984 specifically to research safe dental practices and protect public health and the environment. Dr. Nagata specializes in safely removing amalgam fillings with the correct precautions and equipment to protect patients from mercury vapor exposure. He uses a specific technique for removal that will ensure no toxins are ingested or absorbed. Some of the tools he uses includes a rubber dam, a high-speed vacuum, nasal oxygen inhalers and a HEPA filter to capture mercury vapors.

Once the amalgam filling is removed, Dr. Nagata uses the CEREC one-visit method to restore the tooth with tooth-colored porcelain. This method of restoration is quick and comfortable. Depending on the size of the old amalgam silver mercury restoration Dr Nagata can restore it with a biocompatible direct composite resin restoration or a milled ceramic/resin CEREC restoration. The most important thing is to preserve healthy tooth enamel and restore with biomimetic (natural) principles to re-establish health, function and beauty. The patient can be fitted with a permanent crown during that same visit.

 Anyone that has amalgam fillings can contact Dr. Nagata’s office for a consultation. The cost of the consultation is applied to the restoration.Location: Waikiki Landmark Building, 1888 Kalakaua Ave., Suite C311, Honolulu. For more information, call 808-946-6326 or visit SmilePower.net 





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