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Quantum School of Holistic Health Continues to Grow

The Quantum Institute International for Holistic Health is in its seventh year as one of the leading educational and support facilities in the fields of holistic health and well-being on Oahu. The Institute was established in 2011, and the Quantum School of Holistic Health was added in 2013.

Quantum School founder Lucky Thornton has focused on ensuring that the best training, education and teachers are provided so that all the school’s programs offer every student in-depth knowledge and the latest information on the diverse array of skills, techniques and healing modalities that encompass the vast spectrum of holistic health and healing.

She is passionate about arming students with the necessary skills, abilities and confidence so they can truly follow their dreams and take all they have learned and find their way to share it within the world, whether that is through creating their own businesses or sharing their new-found skills with friends and family.

All of the school’s accredited programs now include business coaching and marketing modules aimed at providing the foundational skills required to start a new business or enhance an existing practice in a clear, concise and very practical way that aligns with students’ training, hopes and aspirations. “I have included coaching and marketing in the syllabus to enable every student to find their way to utilize and share their work by giving them the tools to create their vision in a positive and supportive way,” says Lucky.

Jules Garner, a development and well-being consultant/coach will be delivering the business coaching and marketing modules. Jules has worked extensively with educational, health and nonprofit organizations throughout Europe. She majored in psychology, is qualified in many disciplines of holistic health and is a kundalini yoga teacher. She has helped hundreds of people align their work with their passion to create successful businesses. The modules will be made available as a standalone course for existing practitioners that would benefit from specific training to market and develop their businesses and customer bases.

The school’s Licensed Massage Therapy Program features many advanced courses that are open to professional therapists that may want to add techniques to their repertoire, or just need a brush up. The holistic classes are also broken into modules that the general public can take as standalone courses.

The school is also planning to become accredited by the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board. This will give students the opportunity to become a board certified nutritional consultant or a holistic nutritionist upon graduation of the Advanced Nutritional Program. This program development offers a gateway for all students that wish to pursue a successful career in nutritional health to have the option to be accredited by a nationally recognized board.

“Our mission is to maximize human potential by raising human consciousness,” shares Lucky. “By imparting information through experience, one’s life can be transformed at infinite levels. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. In short, our students are in the process of transforming mind to matter. The school’s basic vision is to heal yourself; heal others; heal the world. True holistic health encompasses health, happiness and peace. If we can achieve this for ourselves, the world will heal naturally.”

Lucky and the team are excited to share their plans for 2017, and extend an open invitation to anyone wishing to explore the possibility of expanding their knowledge and skill base in holistic health and nutrition to contact them to discuss how they can support you on your journey.For more information, call Lucky Thornton at 808-988-4440 or visit QuantumInstituteIntl.org




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