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Love is in the Air

This month’s theme is Love and Resilience. Both topics are near and dear to our hearts. While reading Lani Kwon’s insightful article in this month’s issue about finding the “one, true soulmate,” we reflected on our how we met 33 years ago, and how it turned out that destiny had been trying for years to get us together. So, for this month, Bud is letting me tell the story.

Before I was born, our families lived a mere three blocks from each other in metropolitan Detroit. That was until my family decided to move to a tiny little farming community in central Michigan. Imagine if we had met back then. But that destiny was not meant to be. After graduating from college, I decided to move to Detroit. There I was, commuting on buses amid the tall buildings. Little did I know that I was standing waiting for the bus in the shadow of the building my future husband was working in. It turns out we frequented the same shops and lunch spots. But, we did not meet. After a few years in the city, my job took me out to the suburbs of Detroit and at the same time, so did Bud’s. There we were again, about a mile apart, getting lunch from the same deli but never meeting.

If we had met back then, things may not have clicked. It was probably not the perfect time for us to get to know each other. Things took a dramatic turn when I decided to take a job in Colorado. This certainly made it look like we would never get the chance to meet. There I was, working in the support center for a national computer company when one of my contacts back in Michigan described how one of our clients had quit her job at Ford Motor Company to work for another client that just bought more than 100 computer terminals. I was shocked—people just didn’t give up a job at Ford. A few days later, the tables had turned, and the woman decided not to take the job. The new client was in a real dilemma, without someone to do their training and support on site. I suggested they could call me. After a whirlwind interview, I took the job and moved back to Michigan.

On the first day of the new job, I was asked to record the settings on each of the terminals. This meant visiting every computer to record the assigned network setting listed on the label on the floor connector. Clipboard in hand, I crawled under tables and desks, jotting down the numbers and setting the switches at the back of each connector. As I was popping up from under the desk in one particular office, there was Bud, coming back to his desk from a meeting. He had tons of questions about the new computer. He even came to my desk several times to discuss his work. Well, the rest is history and we’ve been married 31 years this month. It just goes to show that we never know when we will meet that special person.

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