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Love is in the Air


ebruary is the month that we were married and for the past 31 years it has been a special time for us. Love over the years has taken on many wonderful and varied forms. People tend to romanticize it, especially around Valentine’s day, but love is deeper and more profound than just romance (not to disparage the virtues of romance in any way).

People have tried for centuries to define love. Songs are sung about it and books are written about it. It’s an everlasting theme of greeting cards and movies, from comedic to tragic.

Love is not the invention of society. It is present in a newborn gazing upon its mother and in the heart of the elderly holding a family member’s hand. Love is deep and mysterious and crosses multiple dimensions.

Though often represented as a heart-based phenomenon, it can be felt on many levels, including physically, soulfully, and neurologically. There are times when love defies logic and reason. It offers healing and comfort, and most important of all, it’s meant to be experienced and shared.

This month’s edition has many heart-based articles including Heart of a Woman, offering tips for a strong heart and our Conscious Eating feature that includes heart-healthy recipes. Healing Ways describes the healing power and connection provided by a hug.

February also brings the Chinese New Year. Soraya Faris Applegate has written an insightful article explaining what this Year of the Pig brings for each of us. She also is offering a fantastic February special.

Please enjoy these and the rest of the February edition.

With our heartfelt gratitude,



Beckie and Bud Kowalski, Publishers








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