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Happy New Year

The end of a year and beginning of the next brings a time of reflection. What better time to look back than at the turning of the calendar? The thing is, looking back can sometimes bring on a melancholy mood and looking forward can be daunting. Wondering what will come next, questioning will it all work out, can overwhelm. Instead, we propose tending to the now.

Life is kind of like a garden ‒ it needs to be planned and harvested, but more importantly, it needs to be tended and cared for in the present. Providing the balance of nutrients and picking out the weeds results in the optimum yield.

In gardening, we learn from mistakes and take those lessons forward to improve technique. Gardening also tends to promote sharing the abundance to avoid spoilage and waste. These are lessons that translate well into everyday life.

As we reflect on the experiences we’ve faced, including the ones we’re in the middle of right now, we appreciate the benefits of tending to the things that are happening now, while preparing and planning for the next thing to come. It’s a very delicate balancing act, for sure. 

This month’s edition has great articles about strengthening the vitality of our organs and caring for our homes. Our local therapy briefs from Green Max Pro and Harmony to Health highlight getting toxins out of the home. Mr. CBD discusses how the cannabinoid system can work to improve the function of our organs. There are articles about blood chemistry and the psychology of eating that bring into focus how our body and mind influence our well-being. There’s even an article about how the gut-brain connection is at play in people on the autism spectrum.

Natural Awakenings is marking its 25th anniversary this year. The article on pages 17 and 18 describes the history and future of this dynamic organization of publishers.

Please enjoy these and the rest of the January edition.

With our heartfelt gratitude,



Beckie and Bud Kowalski, Publishers





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