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Ridding the Home of Toxins

Harmony to Health Has Suggestions that Work

For optimal heath, it's important to reduce our exposure to chemical and toxins. Harmony to Health and its sister company, Sunshine Green Cleaning, founded by Kathleen Buck, have great advice for people on how to rid their homes of toxins. Follow these tips to make the home environment clean and green.

Flooring – Synthetic, petroleum-based fibers that most carpets are made from emit up to 120 hazardous chemicals linked to asthma, allergies, neurological problems and cancer. The rubber padding is a main culprit, emitting gasses that can take years to wear off. There are natural-fiber alternatives, such as cotton or wool rugs, or consider stained concrete and renewable wood such as bamboo or cork on the floors.

Upholstered Furniture – The polyurethane foam that furniture is filled with is petroleum based and full of chemicals and fire retardants. Instead, look for furniture made with natural latex foam, wool cushions and organic fabrics. Select furniture made from solid wood instead of pressed particle board, which emits formaldehyde.

Bedding Most sheets and beddings use materials that contain fire retardants, pesticides, bleach and dyes. Instead choose untreated sheets, blankets and pillows.

Vinyl Shower Curtains Vinyl shower curtains release more than 100 compounds. They also contain phthalates, which are hormone and endocrine disrupters. Use organic cotton and linen shower curtains instead.

Curtains and Window Treatments – Most curtains contain fire retardants, bleach and dyes. A better option is to use organic, untreated cotton linen, or bamboo.

Cleaning Solutions Cleaning is important for protecting our health, however many commercially available products contain chemical ingredients that can cause health problems. Ammonia and bleach are especially irritating to skin and contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches. Read all labels on cleaning supplies and household products before buying them. Choose products that do not contain or have reduced amounts of VOCs, fragrances, irritants and flammable ingredients.

Decorative Items – Declutter the environment. Less is Best when it comes to décor. Dust collects on items on shelves and table tops, promoting allergic reactions. Fake plants and flowers pose a particular problem because they are difficult to clean, and unlike real plants, they don’t help clean the air.

Insect Control – Pesticides contain toxins that can cause all sorts of skin irritations, as well as neurological and breathing problems. Some safe alternatives to consider are diatomaceous earth, vinegar, baking soda, and herbs like mint and lavender to control insects.

In the Garden – Weeds can be controlled without toxins by using composted kitchen scraps as a mulch. This works not only to block weeds, but the nutrients make the plants healthy so that weeds don’t get a chance to take over.

Anyone interested in learning more about the healthy living services Harmony to Health offers can contact Kathleen for more information.

To learn more about Harmony to Health or to schedule a consultation, call 808-218-3182, email Harmony2Health@yahoo.com; also visit on Facebook by searching Harmony to Health.

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