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Summer Moves

‚ÄčLife Coach Roanne Has a 10-Step Plan

Roanne Abe, founder of Goal Focused Results, is a strategic intervention coach who is devoted to helping her clients achieve the life they want. One key aspect she includes in her practice is focusing on the need to get some exercise. “There are so many great benefits that exercise brings—better health, more mobility, feeling better—just to name a few,” she says. Her advice for our readers is “Move It, Move It!”

Summer is a great time to start since there are so many options to try, not to mention the weather is great. Here are 10 steps she recommends to start moving today.

1 Make time…no matter how busy…make the time!

We think we don’t have the time, but we actually do. Many people find that the more time they make to move their body, the more time they have in the day. Funny how that works! It could be that moving creates more energy and increases the feel-good endorphins. The simple truth is, the more one moves, the more active one becomes!

2 Find something to love to do!

There must be something that inspires action. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as action takes place. Roanne loves to strength train and run. She describes it as a thrill to be able to lift those weights and she loves how it makes her look. It could be a love of yoga or hula or dance. Even walking. There’s nothing like being out and getting some fresh air. Walking in the neighborhood and waving at the neighbors is also a way to feel connected. It’s like getting a double whammy of healthy!

3 Pair it with something to love!

Doing something not enjoyable is obviously hard. That’s why pairing it up with something that is enjoyable certainly helps. Experiment and find what’s right. Some people like to play and would enjoy joining a basketball or a volleyball team. Pairing exercise with something social makes it feel like it’s not just exercise. Dance is exercise too! Pair it with romance!

4 Clarify what to achieve.

Perhaps the goal is to lose weight, de-stress, build strength, improve a golf game, or rebuild knees. Get inspiration and determination by choosing an activity that will help achieve those goals. If uncertain about what to do, hire a professional trainer. They have the education and skills to help and can be hired for one session to create a plan, for a few sessions to show how to train properly, or long term to build success.

5 Make an appointment for exercise.

Schedule it into the day. If it’s on the schedule, time will be available and there will be a reminder to do it.

6 Get more out of a shorter amount of time.

That’s the principle of high intensity interval training (HIIT). The idea is to start out slowly and build up to intense bursts of effort. Bill Phillips, noted author of Body for Life, recommends doing a 5/25—two minutes walking, two minutes jogging and then run as fast and hard as possible for one minute. Repeat this five times for a 25-minute intense workout. When bored with that, then do one minute pedaling slowly, one minute pedaling fast for about 15 times. Get creative; it can be varied in many ways. Tests have shown that this works for reducing body fat levels. Try a few HIIT classes and see what types of routines work and are enjoyable.

7 Do some homework and know why moving is good!

Working out on a regular basis helps avoid illness. Exercise helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, osteoporosis and arthritis (just to name a few). Exercise makes people smarter, leaner and healthier. If that isn’t enough, exercise improves energy!

8 Make sure the children are shaking their booty!

Studies show that children perform better academically if they get regular exercise. Not just a little bit, but significantly! (Read Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, by John Ratey, M.D.) Moving as a family is a great way to increase activity.

9 Look for a mentor!

There are many people that have been successful at increasing activity levels. These are the folks to find for encouragement and support. They’re usually very willing to show others how to do it. The secret is to learn from someone that is already achieving the desired activity.

10 Mix it Up!

Boredom can set in when doing the same thing over and over. Learn new things and add it to the old routines. Diversify. When things start to feel stale, have a new activity ready to add to the mix.

People talk about how making wise food choices changes everything. However, a regular exercise routine is just as important as food when to comes to achieving good health. It too, will change everything.

To learn more about how to achieve the goals in your life, or to sign up for a clarity session, call Roanne at 808-386-2834 or visit GoalFocusedResults.com.

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