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Talking to Stones

Kahu Angela Pohakuola Offers Insight

Kahu Angela Pohakuola’s Native American heritage carries the memories of her father’s family and their relationship with nature and the healing pohaku (stones). From her early childhood to now, the pohaku have openly given her intuitive impressions, healing and inspirational guidance.

Her realization that this gift was different came about in the 1990s when she made stone pendants that were offered at art exhibitions. People asked, “How do you know things? How can you hear the stones?

In 2009, Angela began a healing journey through cancer that brought about a natural evolution of self-empowerment. “So many miracles, visitations from angels, reiki and affirmations that ultimately led to invitations to facilitate motivational workshops with many diverse organizations,” she recalls.

Since then, living in Hawaii has opened up additional pathways for helping and healing others. In 2013, she was inducted into a sacred Hawaiian halau as kahu, bringing more depth to a ministry of spiritual service. Her journey continues today with aloha nui loa (so much love).

The following describes the range of teachings and experiences that she is currently honored to share.

Talking to Stones Workshops: Angela’s special connection with the pohaku enables her to offer workshops where people learn to listen to the whispers of nature and the pohaku for inspiration on their healing journeys. Participants meet with like-minded individuals and are gifted with a stone/crystal of their choice.

Ho'omana Healing Labyrinth: With a calling to connect with the healing Δ€ina, Angela has a special relationship with the sacred geometry of the labyrinth. Her home in Waianae is the site of the Ho'omana Healing Labyrinth where she holds ceremonies, workshops and healing sessions. She also facilitates training about the enriching benefits of labyrinths.

Reiki Instruction: Angela has taught USUI Reiki since 1998. She has provided reiki instruction to specialized caregivers in the medical field, seniors, hospice volunteers, parents, teachers, prenatal care, special needs children and cancer survivors throughout these 20 years.

Hidden Oahu Experience: The serene and beautiful sites of Oahu are often overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of Waikiki. Angela’s passion is to honor the quiet, sacred side of Oahu by providing small and intimate guided experiences, often accompanied by an ocean cleanse and aka chord cutting.

Home Blessings and Real Estate: Angela is a realtor associate for Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties (RS-79822) in Kapolei Commons and can help select the perfect home or sell a home in Hawaii. She also offers home blessings and clearings.

Weddings: Angela is a licensed wedding officiant registered with the State of Hawai'i. She can perform marriages on the beach or in a chapel on any of the beautiful islands of Hawai'i. Vow renewals, commitment ceremonies and celebrations of life are also offered.

In July, Angela is offering four special events that will be enlightening:

7/07 - What Is a Labyrinth

7/14 – Working with a Traditional Labyrinth Template

7/21 - Talking to Stones

7/28 - Aka Cord Cutting

Individual sessions can also be arranged. See the Calendar of Events listed in the magazine to see how to register for one of these events.

Location: Waianae, Oahu. For more information, call 808-551-0900 or visit TalkingtoStones.com

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