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Drink Safe Initiative

Free Workshop about Date Rape Drugs

Date rape drugs—we hear about them in movies and television programs, but would we recognize them in real life? Holistic life coach, Brandi Kiana-Jo, is launching an educational initiative designed to make recognition and avoidance possible. Her mission is to educate the community and promote safer guidelines in the culinary industry to protect guests, employees and their businesses from date rape drugs. This free workshop will be held from July through September; visit DrinkSafeInitiative.com to see the schedule.

A one-hour event, the workshop will be held at colleges, restaurants and alcohol-serving establishments across Oahu. Attendees will learn what date rape drugs are and how to identify them. They will also learn what happens to a person if they are slipped a drug and how to handle the situation. This workshop is designed to not only protect the workshop attendees but also their friends and family.

In addition to attending a workshop, people can support this movement by spreading the word, donating funds to this nonprofit initiative, helping to identify venues such as colleges, restaurants and organizations to participate in the free workshops and helping to facilitate and staff the workshop dates.

For more information, email bkj@BrandiKianaJo.com or call (844) 947-4222 to discuss ways to participate. A GoFundMe page has been established at GoFundMe.com/Drink-Safe-Initiative

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