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Wahiawa Blue Zones Project Update

Becoming Blue Zones Approved

The Blue Zones Project of Wahiawa is working with community leaders to inspire positive and sustainable actions that support healthy living. The policies that a community has in place play a significant role in determining the choices people have —healthy or otherwise. They can influence access to healthy food sources, determine how residents move about naturally with sidewalks and bike lanes, and connect socially through gardens and other features.

The Blue Zones Project is also working with schools, worksites, restaurants, grocery stores, faith-based and other organizations to promote healthy choices. Programs are designed to inspire, encourage, and promote well-being. Here’s a summary of how it helps the groups they work with.

Schools - Blue Zones helps schools teach students how to lead longer and happier lives by encouraging better eating habits, increasing physical activity and implementing tobacco-free policies.

Worksites – Any worksite in a Blue Zones Project community can benefit from pledging to make healthy choices available at the work place. Healthier employees miss less work, are more connected to their colleagues, make better contributions and have lower healthcare costs.

Restaurants – By putting well-being on the menu, restaurants can improve customer satisfaction and increase traffic. Tips from the Blue Zones Project can help restaurants offer even more healthy choices to keep and attract customers.

Grocery Stores – It helps grocery stores increase the demand for healthier options by educating customers on how to improve their family's nutrition. For example, it recommends setting up a special checkout lane that displays only healthy items, instead of the candy, fast food, and other impulse purchase items that customers are often faced with.

Faith-Based Organizations – The “belong to live long” principle of Blue Zones is a natural fit for faith-based organizations.

Other Organizations – Clubs, civic organizations and groups are other places that people gather and can join the Blue Zones Project.

There’s an application process to join the Blue Zones Project, followed by an evaluation and approval period. There are several businesses, organizations and schools that part of the Project in Wahiawa.

  • Foodland is Wahiawa’s first Blue Zones Approved Grocery

The following have been named Blue Zones Project Participating Organizations:

  • Rotary Club of Wahiawa-Waialua
  • Wahiawa Rainbow Seniors
  • Wahiawa Lions Club
  • Wahiawa Community Based Development Organization (dba: Wahiawa Fresh!)
  • Natural Awakenings Hawaii

Refer to the calendar in this issue for the various events the Wahiawa Blue Zones Project will be conducting in the coming weeks.

For more information on Blue Zones Project in Hawaii or to learn how to participate, visit Hawaii.BlueZonesProject.com. Follow Wahiawa’s activities on Facebook or Instagram @ BZPWahiawa, or via email at BlueZonesProjectWahiawa@sharecare.com.

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