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Letter from Publishers - Trust Your Knowing

Leave us a message about when you knew something.

We all face situations where we wonder how we ended up where we are. We look for answers and examine the circumstances and actions of others around us. We think about who said or did what that led us to the spot where we’re at, looking outwards for explanations.

Rather than looking to others for clarity, look at what you know in your own heart. In those moments, trust in your own ability to read the situation, even when the answer doesn’t seem to match appearances, because there may be other energies at play. Trust your instinct and use all your senses to assess the situation.

Then, rather than trying to find the ultimate solution, simply determine what to do next. Identify what the choices are available for the moment, then see how those choices feel. Trust that you will make the right choice. Believe that the first step will be one that makes a difference. Don’t be overwhelmed by looking for the entire path, instead, simply and confidently take that first step. We would love to hear your stories about how you trusted yourself to see your way through a difficult time. Drop us a note or give us a call.

This month’s edition has many healthy eating articles, including one about super spices and how best to use them, and one that covers the beneficial ingredients found in certain ethnic foods. The Healthy Kids department offers recommendations on raising children to be positive¾the tips in this article are ones that we can all benefit from, because as you know, remaining positive helps to color our world in an optimistic light. Everyone will benefit from the article about the power of dreaming big, by international bestselling author, teacher and speaker Ilona Selke. We even have a simple 10-minute whole body workout for people who want to begin exercising but haven’t found a good program to get them started.

Enjoy this month’s edition!

In gratitude,



Beckie and Bud Kowalski, Publishers



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