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Carlson Bio-logical Dentistry

Offering Creative and Holistic Dental Solutions

Dr. Ron Carlson, of Carlson Bio-logical Dentistry with an office in Kahala Mall, is committed to the well-being of patients and dental professionals by offering creative and quality dental alternatives that are in harmony with the body’s biological needs. He is committed to the principle of “first, do good for others” which fully embraces the positive intent of the Hippocratic Oath of “first, do no harm.” This covenant goes further to declare:

  • If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it
  • Be sure it isn’t broken
  • Use bio-compatible methods and materials for repairs, if needed
  • Apply creative and time-tested technologies

These declarations are the basis for Carlson Bio-logical Dentistry to put everyone’s health and well-being above all else.

Dr. Carlson uses energetic principles of health and applies constructive methods for the assessment, treatment, repair and maintenance of teeth, gums, bone and associated support structures. This prioritization to return a person to health, longevity, energy and vitality differs from some of the more conventional approaches in dentistry and medicine that have been materialistic and mechanical.

His research shows that the modern approach of root canals is potentially devastating to a patient. Pathology (the study of diseases) around the root of a dead tooth exists in at least 93% of the cases, even though the patient may have no pain, swelling, or other indicators of infection. (The article Oral Sepsis can be read on Dr. Carlson’s website). A deep, undisclosed bone infection, known as apical periodontitis, can lead to endotoxemia (blood poisoning) from bacteria in the root canal. This condition has been implicated in heart disease (hardening of the arteries), diabetes and arthritis in several articles including in Scientific American, May 2001; J. Periodontology, January 2002; and Yearbook of Dentistry, 2001.

Current scientific research is making connections between the oral-systemic relationships and the entire body. The interconnectedness has been shown to be measurable and verifiable and incorporated into medical and other disciplines and practices. While in many ways, this trend can be considered positive, there is also the risk of misinterpretation and pressures that could lead to less healthy alternatives. Dr. Carlson on the other-hand, has consistently provided treatment that considers a systemic approach from the neural-muscular-skeletal system of the head and neck to the whole body.

Dr. Carlson utilizes the fundamentals of constructive-restorative procedures that follow bio-logical principles and new innovative technologies that are not influenced by outside profit consultants and dental insurance companies. He advises patients to avoid mercury amalgam fillings, root canals and implants due to their negative effects on health. In certain limited situations, orthodontics (tooth straightening) and periodontics (gum surgery) may be indicated. However, to support the integrity of the tooth and oral cavity, unnecessary treatment and injury to the dentine can be avoided by adapting better hygiene and preventive therapies.

Anyone looking for a dentist that will do everything to maintain oral health without compromising overall systemic health should contact Carlson Bio-logical Dentistry to learn more.

For more information, call Dr. Ronald S. Carlson, DDS, at 808-735-0282 or visit carlsonbridgetech.com.


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