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New Breakthrough Is Helping Children with Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth in children are a warning sign that the child’s jaws and face may not be developing correctly. Other signs to watch for are mouth breathing and incorrect lip and tongue function, which are known as poor myofunctional habits.

While these signs and symptoms may be seen as early as age 3, many dentists recommend waiting until the child is 12 or 14 years old before treating with braces and possibly extractions.


Braces, however, can’t solve the issue permanently. Once the braces are removed, teeth will almost certainly relapse and crowd again, especially if the child does not wear their retainer. A better treatment is to improve facial development in growing children by correcting the position and function of the tongue, obtaining correct nose breathing, and retraining the oral muscles to function correctly. This type of intervention can improve dental alignment and facial development, ultimately avoiding the need for braces in the future.

Myofunctional Research Company (MRC) has been researching this dilemma for 25 years and has identified methods to correct poor oral habits, such as mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing, and address the forces of the tongue, cheeks and lips, which are the underlying cause for crowded teeth. By intervening early, before the jaw stops growing, serious problems can be avoided in later years.

Dr. Dennis Nagata is offering the MRC’s approach to orthodontic treatment through the state of the art Myobrace appliance and myofascial exercises to correct bad oral habits in growing children and improve dental as well as facial development. The pain free Myobrace appliance is worn for one hour each day, during normal daily activity, and overnight. Using this system improves the appearance of the whole face, and the fun, interactive treatment encourages children to take responsibility for correcting their habits.

To learn more about Myobrace, visit Myobrace.com.

Preventing the need for braces is now a viable possibility. The first step toward treatment is a consultation, which includes a nine-point evaluation of the patient’s dental and jaw development along with an educational presentation. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nagata for a consultation.

Location: Hawaii Center for Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry, 1520 Liliha St., Ste. 703, Honolulu. For more information, call 808-526-0670 or visit SmilePower.net.

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