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Special Invitation to Local Practitioners

Create the New Paradigm for Medicine in Your Practice

Universities are a hub of learning and a place to foster social change. It’s the place of big thinkers that desire to share their findings. Quantum University, an online school with their headquarters in downtown Honolulu, embodies this role, particularly as it applies to the need to transform our healthcare system from a place to treat illness to a place to support wellness. The curriculum at Quantum is designed to integrate holistic, Eastern medicine and Western medicine with quantum physics.

Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D., is devoted to taking medicine beyond pharmaceuticals and surgery to an integrative approach for “pro-consciousness” medicine. This pro-consciousness model empowers individuals with the knowledge and awareness of how their body is performing, with the goal of fine tuning it for optimum function. The role of the healthcare provider shifts from treating illness to coaching wellness by keeping people in their “green zone” of health.

This new tactic, predicated on the scientific development and mainstream availability of user-friendly digital mobile phone and tablet technologies in conjunction with a variety of health sensors, such has wristwatches, headbands and many others, has democratized the field of biofeedback and neurofeedback. The availability of this technology that monitors body functions, including blood pressure, sugar levels, sleep patterns, heart and brain coherence, and more, enables monitoring during daily life experiences. Access to this level of information is creating the potential for a medicine of awareness.

The challenge now is to create programs that will train individuals to utilize this data to achieve optimum health. Patients and practitioners will be empowered to manage health through knowledge of individual body statistics while living their lives. Techniques for improving the statistics can then be implemented, such as food intake to drop blood sugar levels in midafternoon and fine tuning meditation to overcome anxiety or bring heart rhythm into acceptable parameters.

Quantum University is hosting their World Congress of Integrative Medicine starting Wednesday, October 4, through Saturday, October 7. This is an event where an international body of students from 28 countries come to Honolulu for the practicum portion of their education. This World Congress is the opportunity for hands-on training in six integrative modalities supporting pro-consciousness medicine. These modalities can easily be incorporated into a practice, wellness center or healthcare clinic. Hawai’i practitioners are being offered the opportunity to participate in this experience. Dr. Drouin is inviting local practitioners to join in this four-day event to add new modalities to their portfolio of care. It is an opportunity to be part of the next generation of practitioners that empower individuals in taking a greater role in their own health by using mainstream technologies that provide direct health feedback of someone’s heart, brain and body, and guide this person’s potential for health into coherence.

Presentations include two guest speakers and six workshops:  


Dr. Patrick Porter, creator of the BrainTap Technology, will talk about how light sound and vibration are changing health care.


Dr. Patricia Knox, Ph.D., will discuss developing a thesis statement, creating a research project and writing a Ph.D. dissertation.



  1. The Democratization of Health Care with Paul Drouin, M.D.
  2. Cognitive Regulation Using EEG Biofeedback with Bill Scott, BSW, CCDP.
  3. Natural Pain Self-Management with Laser Technology and Protocols with Mario Viscarra, DDS, and Vienna Lafrenz, Ph.D., IMD.
  4. The Power of Evaluation with Tracy Clark, DO, IMD.
  5. Using Genetic DNA Gene Identification for Customized Nutrition with Richard Clement, M.D.
  6. Personal EEG Device Neurofeedback with Cody Rall, M.D.



This is a unique opportunity for local practitioners to get involved in hands-on training that will bring the new paradigm of medicine into practice. The conference offers 18 hours of instruction eligible for continuing education unit certification by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training. To register for the conference, contact an admissions advisor at Quantum University and ask for the special kama’aina rate.

Location: Quantum University, 735 Bishop St., Ste. 200, Honolulu. For more information or to register, call 877-888-8970, email Support@QuantumUniversity.com or visit QuantumUniversity.com.

 Study integrative medicine with world-renowned faculty at Quantum University.



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