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Stanford University Planning Partnership

with Honolulu Neuroscience for Satellite Sleep Center

Sleep Medicine is a relatively new field of medical study. Over the past 70 years, there has been increasing knowledge about the physiology of sleep and sleep disorders. However, additional research is needed to comprehend the impact of environmental, social and genetic factors.

Dr. Michael Russo, founder of the Honolulu Neuroscience Clinic, has a passion for sleep medicine. He has found that in order to help patients, it’s essential that physicians across Hawai’i recognize signs of sleep disorders and refer their patients for appropriate care. To facilitate this goal, Dr. Russo joined with Dr. Jamil Sulieman, of Kaneohe, in forming the Hawaii Sleep and Wellness Foundation. He also formed the Sleep Disorders Patients Advocacy Foundation to support patient education. Part of the mission of these foundations is to identify, characterize and quantify the extent of sleep disorders in Hawai’i’s multi-ethnic population to facilitate the appropriate plans for diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Russo’s work is being recognized by the Stanford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine. He was recently visited by Dr. Maurice M. Ohayon, M.D., DSc, Ph.D., of the Stanford Division of Sleep Epidemiology, in Palo Alto, California. Dr. Ohayon is making plans to establish a Stanford satellite sleep center in Hawai’i in partnership with Dr. Russo.

Stanford is a leader in the field of sleep research and treatment through programs designed to advance the field of sleep medicine and improve patient care. There are currently two other satellite centers, Stanford European Sleep Epidemiology Satellite Center, in Paris, France, and the Stanford Asian Sleep Epidemiology Satellite Center, in Seoul, South Korea.

Establishing a center in Hawai’i will provide a means to better understand how sleep habits and patterns affect the population of Hawai’i and to determine what risk factors and diseases are associated with sleep disorders. These clinical studies will improve the identification of sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and insomnia, and evaluate treatments.

After this initial research is completed, the second phase of the program will be to develop an education program for the general practitioners of Hawai’i to assist in the recognition of the most high-risk patients for the purposes of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. This will be accomplished through symposiums, educational materials and workshops.

This is an exciting development for the overall health and well-being of the population of our islands. It will shed light on how our unique location and population is affected by environmental, social and genetic factors related to sleep and will provide an overall plan to support our community in achieving and sustaining a healthy life. 

Anyone having trouble falling asleep or experiencing frequent waking, daytime sleepiness, snoring or other sleep disruptions can call Dr. Russo for a consultation.

Location: 250 Ward Ave., Ste. 170, Honolulu. For more information, call 808-294-3332, email Admin@HawaiiPacificDeeg.com or visit HawaiiSleepNeurologist.com.

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