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1. Edible Heirlooms
The healthy, tasty, GMO-free varieties of produce that our grandparents enjoyed are making a comeback.
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2. Fabulous Fan Fare
Tailgating, fangating, homegating—whatever you call it, getting together with friends and family to chow down before the big game doesn’t mean you can’t eat well.
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3. Hot Chocolate Snowman
Here's one more seasonal perk-me-up!
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4. Fast Whole-Food Munchies
With a little advance preparation, we can fill our fridge with sweet and savory snacks made from whole foods.
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5. Eat, Bark and Be Merry
Sure, it’s tempting to slip food scraps to our pets from our groaning holiday tables, but it’s much healthier to cook them up special treats.
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6. Cool Chow
With a little time and ingenuity, we can ease our furry friends through the heat with homemade icy preparations of fruit, veggies and poultry.
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7. Merry Munching
Holidays bring out the sweet tooth in us all and clever options make sure that kids and adults don’t go into sugar overload.
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8. Kid Cookery
When kids are shown how to cook using simple recipes, they learn to love healthy ingredients and will even choose apples over candy.
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9. Healthy Holiday Libations
If holidays leave us feeling stressed, hung over or sniffle-prone, sipping a healthy drink can revive body and spirit.
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10. Vegan Lunchbox
Those curious about veganism can try switching to a plant-based diet just for lunches—and see what kinds of differences follow.
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11. Veggie Nation Revolution
The food we eat enormously affects our climate, water and soil—and we can have a say in whether our food is produced and distributed in a way that benefits us all.
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12. Sweetly Vegan
Puddings, custards, cakes and truffles—with scrumptious vegan recipes like these, there’s no need to pass by holiday goodies.
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13. This is Not Your Grandma’s Stuffing
The time-honored Thanksgiving dish is evolving to include healthy ingredients such as black rice, cauliflower, chestnuts and pecans, sometimes stuffed in an apple or squash.
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14. Ancient Grains for Modern Palates
No longer lost in the past, ancient grains such as yellow millet, brown quinoa and black rice offer tasty, healthy alternatives.
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15. Healthy Food Choices from Bali article 7 %
16. Super Soups
Nutrient-dense, easily prepared soups and broths are wintertime pleasers even in southern climates.
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17. Taste the Rainbow,
While about half of America’s vegetable consumption is stuck in a rut of tomatoes and potatoes, supermarket aisles overflow with exotic and healthier options.
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18. Alexandra Paul on Vegan Activism
The Baywatch star’s healthy choices and inspired activism are driven by her desire to be kind to herself and all living beings.
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