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Meet Lenny the Newest Volunteer at Heart Horses

Feb 27, 2015 08:16AM ● By KAREN CHARRON

Carina Cooper, equine director of Heart Horses, doesn’t go looking for new animals to add to her menagerie, but she always offers to help those in need. That’s what happened when she was contacted about two abandoned newborn piglets found when they were just days old.

A former zookeeper, Cooper knew that the newborns, which she named Lenny and Howard, needed feeding by syringe every two hours. According to Cooper, wild pigs are generally not considered worthy of rescue. However, with her knowledge and zoological background, Cooper believed she could incorporate at least one of the pigs into her animal-assisted therapy programs for individuals and groups. These programs can be tailored to clients of any age and address specific interests ranging from simple animal contact to learning specifics about animal care and feeding. Cooper decided to keep Lenny and place Howard with a local family.

At five weeks old, Lenny rises early in the morning to accompany Cooper and her dog, Maggie, on chores around Sunset Ranch. Lenny eats vegetables, fruits and pig chow and follows Cooper around, spending evenings nestled at her feet.

A large variety of animals call the Heart Horse ranch home. In addition to horses, there are four neutered cats in various stages of tame; Teddy, a mini horse/Shetland pony mix; Lilikoi, the goat; a regal peacock; chickens; a one-year-old tortoise; and Sheldon the Muscovy duck and his domesticated duck pals, Piper and Polly.

Heart Horses is located at 59-777 Pupukea Rd., in Haleiwa. For more information, call 808-388-4974, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page xx.

Karen Charron is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine and a freelance writer living in Oahu.

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