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A Unique Healing Experience: Unique Bodyworks offers more than massage

Jul 27, 2015 07:13PM ● By BLAKE LEFKOE

Nataliya Peck grew up in rural northwestern Russia in a region where people have managed to preserve their ancient close bond with nature. When original Slavic practices eventually blended with Christian ones, it became a place where people would go to gather medicinal herbs in the woods and then take them to Church to be blessed. It was a place where natural healers were revered as much as medical doctors. Nataliya’s grandmother, Tamara, was a healer who had a psychic gift and an uncanny ability to communicate with plants and animals. When Nataliya was growing up, her grandmother treated her with herbs instead of conventional medicine and taught her that things found in nature can be used to heal. It was this lesson that led to Nataliya’s passion for aromatherapy.

Nataliya’s official start as a healer began in 2003 when she completely healed her body of chronic bronchitis, inflamed intestines, weak kidneys, malfunctioning ovaries and eczema. But she has always felt a call to be a healer and knew how lucky she was to have inherited her grandmother’s gift of healing hands. Ever since she was a young girl, Nataliya has had a profound interest in energy work. As a teenager, she read countless books on the subject and took every healing class she could find. In 2004, she immigrated to the U.S. and began studying Reiki. A year later, she enrolled at the California Healing Arts College where she became trained in the art of massage.

In 2010, Nataliya moved to Oahu and immediately got her Hawaiian massage license. For income, she began working for spas and hotels as a massage therapist but spent all of her free time building her dream practice. Four years later, she and her husband, James—who is also a massage therapist and energy worker—opened Unique Bodyworks, in Kapolei, and Nataliya was finally free to dedicate all her time and energy to healing people.

A client’s treatment begins the second he/she walks in the door. “My mind automatically goes to work in assessing their posture, facial expression and the air they have about them,” shares Nataliya. “As we shake hands, I notice the quality of the shake, the temperature of their skin, and the ease or unease of the gesture. During our initial conversation, I watch my clients’ movements and sense their energy flow. By the time they are on my table, I have a pretty good idea of what might need my attention.”

Nataliya has a unique approach when it comes to helping people; she draws from a wide variety of massage techniques and a vast array of different types of energy. Every treatment is specifically customized for each patient at each session. “I use lots of channeling—moving energy in waves through the recipient's body and energy field,” Nataliya explains. “I use meditation to listen, to sense what is blocked and needs attention, and I use visualizations to bring transformation to the troubled areas.”

When it comes to the massage part of the session, Nataliya uses aromatherapy and a customized combination of massage techniques in which she was trained, including deep tissue, Swedish, Thai-yoga, sports, shiatsu, oscillation, herbal ball, prenatal, lomi-lomi and hot stones. For example, says Nataliya: “An expectant mother with swollen feet and an achy lower back needs more of a relaxing and flowing style; a tense construction worker with lower back pain will benefit more from deeper work with stretching and pressure points; and a fibromyalgia sufferer with a flair in their lower back can only tolerate light touch, and the best way to relax their body is soothing oscillation and gentle strokes. To sum it up, I would say my approach is always dictated by the specific needs of a client. Regardless of the style of massage employed, I always listen to the body, trying to follow the tension to the root of it and not just rubbing out the sore spot.”

For more information or to schedule a treatment, visit or call 808- 673-8276.

Unique Bodyworks is located in office 26 of the Holomua Professional Center at 2176 Lauwiliwili St., Kapolei.


Blake Lefkoe is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Hawaii and runs Aloha Editing from her home on the North Shore. Contact her at [email protected]

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