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Charlene deLory Offering Antiaging Techniques in Hawaii Kai

Dec 29, 2015 08:32PM

Over the past 25 years, Charlene deLory has searched the world for the best antiaging methods. This search and the resulting solutions have earned her a reputation as a successful authority on antiaging. Her expertise is now available in Hawaii Kai. 

Charlene began her career as a model, where she gained prominence doing fashion runway work and photography. She moved into the field of commercial interior design, blending esoteric beauty with practical results. Over time, she turned her interest to antiaging research. Charlene is an inspiration, easily passing for being in her 50s when she is, in fact, approaching 70. 

Charlene’s practice offers the finest machines available, which naturally heal and reverse the destruction of skin and muscle cells. Facial rejuvenation through microcurrent treatments is one of the holistic approaches she offers to reverse the signs of aging. Charlene has techniques that tone, lift and contour facial muscles and reduce wrinkles, lines, acne and scars. These treatments increase collagen and elastin while stimulating blood flow and oxidation of cells to restore health and vibrancy to the skin. They also help eliminate metabolic waste (toxins) and free radicals from cells and tissue. 

Combining treatments with her personal counsel, Charlene can establish a personal treatment plan to meet individual needs. As a woman of vision and daring, Charlene offers the results of her knowledge, techniques and equipment to all that search for their best self, at any age.         

Location: Hawaii Kai. For more information, call 818-222-2796 or visit

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