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Make June Joyful

May 31, 2016 04:10AM

Aloha:  The June edition is dedicated to Happiness and the Balanced Man. Being happy can sneak up on us if we let it. To have that happen, we need to realize that happiness can come from the simplest and smallest of things, like sunshine, flowers, butterflies flitting in the wind, or even a memory. It’s essential that we allow ourselves to pause for a bit and experience these magical moments when they surface. It’s also important to feel gratitude for these tiny treasures. We believe this contributes to being well balanced. Many times, life is so hectic that responsibilities take precedence. However, when the pursuit of fulfilling daily duties is combined with finding joy at various intervals throughout the day, the balance gets shifted.

Many people decide that they will be happy when some target goal is reached, like getting that dream job or losing a certain amount of weight. The problem with waiting to be happy is that another goal will inevitably arise and happiness will again be postponed. Instead of waiting to be happy, we should afford ourselves the opportunity to experience happiness in small doses every single day. These moments of happiness will build and turn into a happy life, even in the face of responsibilities. We aren’t saying not to have goals or work toward a target, just that joy needs to be realized now; otherwise, there is the risk that it will continue to be postponed.

Please enjoy this month’s wonderful articles and recommendations for getting and staying healthy, happy, fit and green. We continue to strive to be your go-to resource for natural health and wellness, and to help support you and your loved ones in experiencing long, healthy and happy lives.

Make June Joyful! 

In gratitude, 

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