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Natural Awakenings Hawaii

Have an August Adventure

Jul 29, 2016 04:58PM

Empowering Youth and Creativity are the themes for this issue. While distributing magazines on the North Shore recently, we had the opportunity to meet someone that embodies both of these, namely Ron Artis II, who turns 30 this month. We are honored to present an article about what it was like growing up in the artistically creative Artis family and Ron’s views about the power of music in society, especially with regard to youth.

A key element we employed for empowering our children was to instill a sense of adventure in the simple routines of any given day. This could be taking a different route home from day care to see where a road would lead, or deciding to drop everything and jump in the car to chase a hot air balloon landing up the street. Having a sense of adventure means being empowered to go off schedule and let spontaneity occur. It’s not something that can happen all the time, but it means being open to the possibility and seizing a chance to do something different.

Sometimes our daily schedule takes power over us, preventing us from being spontaneous. If every hour of every day is scheduled, there’s little chance for us to experience something new. To be empowered means allowing ourselves to make room for adventure, even if it is something as simple as accepting an invitation to meet up with a friend on the spur of the moment, or attending a seminar or workshop on a new and interesting topic. These simple acts of spontaneity open the door for all sorts of new and interesting things to happen. And when new experiences occur, creativity is nurtured, enabling us to express ourselves in unforeseen ways.

We continue to strive to be your go-to resource for natural health and wellness, and to help support you and your loved ones in experiencing long, healthy and happy lives.

Allow for Adventure in August.


In gratitude,

Beckie and Bud Kowalski, Publishers

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