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Natural Awakenings Hawaii

Letter from the Publisher - We've Come A Long Way

Apr 29, 2017 07:33PM

This month’s edition is a tribute to women and how far they have come in our society. Several years ago, as Beckie’s mother was approaching 90, she was asked what she would have done differently with her life if she had it to do over. She said she would have been like Hillary Rodham Clinton, to which Beckie quickly responded, “You would have been married to the president?” Her mom said, “No, I would have been a lawyer.” Well, women born in 1917 really didn’t have much opportunity to go to law school; in fact, going to college was not something most women in that era even considered. Like many women of that period, Beckie’s mom was a homemaker. Fortunately, Beckie’s parents were strong advocates for equal rights, education and independence for all five of their children, of which four were girls. 

There have been so many advances in equality for women in our society. And this, in turn, has expanded the role that men play. As with many families today, there are no gender-specific responsibilities in our home. We both played equal roles in raising our children, and cooking and cleaning are done by whoever has the time to do it. This elimination of gender typing with regard to household responsibilities, including child care, has most certainly contributed to a shift in how people are more accepted as individuals in whatever role they take on in life. Female police officers; male airline stewards—these jobs were once considered gender specific. People are now able to perform jobs without that bias.

There are areas of the world where women are still deprived of education and viewed as inferior to men. Organizations that are working to expand women’s rights are improving the overall quest for human rights in our world. For that we are most thankful. 

Enjoy this month’s edition. Pick up a copy for a friend and stop by to see us at the Body Mind Spirit Expo on May 6 and 7. 

As always, we love hearing from you. Give us a call or send us a note. And to all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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Beckie and Bud Kowalski, Publishers
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