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HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY: A Whole-Person Approach to Lasting Transformation

Jul 31, 2017 05:55AM

Dr. Evelyne Raposo, Pys.D. and Dr. Dhira DiBiase, Pys.D.

Increasingly, many individuals are choosing to live their lives with a greater focus on a more holistic and integrative view of health care in general. Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology (APA 2005) supports this exponentially growing major trend, which is currently impacting the profession of psychology. 

Psychology is the study of the mind and the ways it influences our actions. Psychology comes from the Greek word “psyche,” meaning “breath, spirit, soul.” The psyche is the center of thought, feeling and motivation, consciously and unconsciously reacting to its social and physical environment.

Holistic psychologists—like Drs. Evelyne Raposo and Dhira DiBiase, of Holistic Psych Center, in Honolulu—view poor health, due to an unhealthy lifestyle, as directly correlated with emotional and cognitive difficulties, such as depression, anxiety and addictions.

The term “holistic” dates back more than 2,500 years to the time of Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine.” He believed it is insufficient to focus on only one aspect of a person; he viewed the person as a whole being made up of many parts working in concert with one another, and that the goal is to establish equilibrium.

A holistic approach requires assessment of the interconnectedness of all parts: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each part is vital to the quality of life, and thus an essential component in case conceptualization and therapy treatment planning. 

Holistic healing is a synergistic process, wherein individual parts integrate and cooperatively work together for the benefit of the whole. Synergism is the cooperation and unified action of the parts to achieve a result that alone the individual parts cannot. The synergistic effect of holistic psychotherapy demonstrates a deep unification of seemingly diverse methods and systems.

Drs. Raposo and DiBiase, at Holistic Psych Center (HPC), focus on the integration of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) into psychological practice. Working closely with trained CAM practitioners, holistic psychology at HPC includes talk therapy and therapeutic techniques; dietary modifications, including supplements; improved sleep; focused breathing; yoga; meditation; mindfulness; massage; aromatherapy; acupuncture; music therapy; progressive muscle relaxation; and hypnosis.

Drs. Raposo and DiBiase welcome you to a safe and earthy environment honoring diversity and Hawai'i's multicultural population. They offer a solution-focused, strength-based, positive psychology model, which empowers, builds resilience and increases motivation!

Location: Aina Haina office. For more information, email [email protected], call 808-373-2667 or text 808-425-2962.

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