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Dr. Loretta Chen: Offering Inspiration for Mastering Life

Sep 30, 2017 08:57AM

Dr. Loretta Chen’s latest book, Madonnas and Mavericks, has just been completed, but this dynamic author won’t be basking in the success of this tribute to outstanding Singaporean women. She has already started a book to honor women of Hawai’i—Mana Wahine: Inspiring Women of Hawai‘i, which will be published by Mutual Publishing.

This book is being written through interviews and profiles of women from all fields and endeavors whose accomplishments and life stories are a source of inspiration. It will capture a portrait of contemporary Hawai‘i. 

Dr. Chen lives in Honolulu and is a leading creative director, leadership and theater professor, and published author. She holds a doctorate in philosophy and a certificate in leadership from Harvard and is currently a professor at Argosy University and University of Hawai‘i (Leeward).

Her most recent publication, Madonnas and Mavericks, about Singapore women leaders, will debut in the U.S. in November through Marshall Cavendish. The 17 women in this book are leaders from diverse fields, including business, politics, advocacy, sports, lifestyle and the arts. Known for their strong spheres of influence, some may be in the limelight but others are elusive, preferring their actions to speak louder. Regardless, these women have all contributed to Singapore’s spectacular growth.

Over the course of their interviews with Dr. Chen, the women share intimate stories, career insights and life lessons, along with much laughter and some tears. We are provided a rare glimpse into their struggles to push boundaries and break glass ceilings while maintaining a delicate balance between a demanding career and a fulfilling home. These stories of lives well lived are a treat and an inspiration to women, and men, that seek to excel and master their own destinies.

In addition to her other roles, Dr. Chen is a motivational speaker, life coach and founder of Our Green Tara, located at 555 Hahalone Street, Suite 12C, in Honolulu.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 808-990-8300, email [email protected], or visit or

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