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Feeling Blocked?

Feb 27, 2018 07:16PM

People often find that they start the year with great plans for changes in their life, but by the second month following through on those plans can fall by the wayside. When individuals need help overcoming personal and career challenges, many of them will turn to a life coach. After all, such professionals are trained to provide objective advice and support.

Roanne Abe, founder of Goal Focused Results, is a strategic intervention coach who is devoted to empowering clients to take action each day or week to achieve the life they want. Her belief is that “people who focus on what they want can evolve themselves to become the person that has it.”

Instead of letting the rest of the year go by without achieving those goals, now is a great time to find a coach who incorporates insight, accountability and the ability to align your goals with your values into their approach, and achieve a better life balance. Leave fears and frustrations behind and work with a coach. Here’s a quote from one of Roanne’s clients that found clarity and direction working with her.

“I was working with Roanne from Goal Focused Results in the last couple of months. I had some obstacles in life, which were keeping me from moving forward in my business. Working with Roanne helped me break through those obstacles. She opened my mind toward new ideas and helped keep me accountable. I definitely recommend Roanne and Goal Focused Results if you feel you need to work on some area of your life where you feel stuck.” ~ Nandor S.


Goal Focused Results offers a fresh start package for new clients that want to invest in themselves, as well as a free clarity session to regain the lost momentum.

For more information or to schedule a session, call Roanne at 808-386-2834, or visit



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