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Natural Awakenings Hawaii

Now is Where it's At

Jun 29, 2018 05:21AM

This month’s edition about organic farming reminds us of how lucky we are to live in Hawaii where farmer’s markets happen all year long. Yes, there’s some seasonality to the crops, but overall, we can enjoy locally-grown food year-round.

The continuity of climate that we have helps us in a subtler way as well — you may not have thought much about it, but we avoid longing for the next season like folks in less favorable climates might do. It’s a simple thing, but to folks that come from places where winter means hibernation, longing for the next summer can make it real challenging to be happy with the cold and slush.

Wishing and focusing on the next thing in anticipation of upcoming events — or even looking fondly at the past and wishing we could return — both rob us of the current moment, the now, that we are living in.

All sights, sounds and smells exist in the now, yet the allure of the past and future have a powerful draw. Living in the now takes some deliberate resolve. The benefits of being in the present are remarkable — an appreciation for what is real, a connection with people and a feeling of belonging. That doesn’t mean ignoring important lessons from the past or having no plans about where the future will lead. It simply means that living in the present is where we experience the joy of being alive.

Some thoughts on the matter include…

  1. Be Mindful –Take extra care to be aware of the little things in the surrounding area.
  2. Take Breaks from Technology – Reality is not messages, snaps, tweets and memes. Think about how much time is spent in social media and cut back if it’s obviously too much. There’s even an app to help with that! (Just kidding. But no, really, there are apps to help cut back on social media time.)
  3. Breathe to Reconnect – When feeling disconnected from the present or stressed, consciously breathe and focus on the rhythm. Slowly become aware of surroundings and appreciate what they are.
  4. Let Go of Past Pain – Become free of the burden of hard feelings and hurt. To live in the present, let go of pain from the past.
  5. Learn to Love Life – Think of things that need to be done as a choice rather than a burden. This may take an attitude adjustment. If they seem like a bother or an imposition, the present time will be an annoyance. Is there some way to make what needs to be done more enjoyable? Like listen to music while doing it? Or find a friend to do it with? Learn to love what routinely happens to make it more enjoyable to live in the present.

This month’s article, Growing America’s Health - Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops, explains that what we put into our foods makes a tremendous difference in our health. There’s also an article about Better Options to Opioids, describing natural alternatives to addictive substances that mask pain. The Healthy Kids department has tips for appreciating the Joy of Dirt and Inspiration has an article outlining the Four Steps to Authentic Living. Be sure to check out Coach Roanne’s Ten-Step Plan for Summer Moves and the calendar of events.

Please enjoy these and the rest of the July edition.

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