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Be the Change

Sep 28, 2018 08:40AM

Be the Change


October is a time when people dress up in elaborate costumes to celebrate Halloween. Hawaii, especially Honolulu, is a mecca for parties and galas where people can be whoever they choose to be. Well, striving to be different is at the root of this month’s Game Changer edition. People that are game changers help people and organizations change behaviors to meet objectives and reach goals.

Children go through phases of deciding what they want to be when they grow up. There reaches a point for many people when looking forward to becoming something different ends and they become stuck in who they are. We propose that you use this month to examine old habits and search inside to identify your passion. Seek help to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way and become who you truly want to be.

The articles in this month’s edition are steeped in suggestions and tips for getting past obstacles. Lani Kwon’s article on “Maintaining Hope in Difficult Times” speaks directly to being hopeful in the current climate that we’re all facing. Time 4 Change has provided a set of recommendations for over coming the fear of stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing change. Randy Hampton brings us an article about the “Game Changing Secrets to Relationships.” We also highlight several local organizations that are making a difference in our local communities in “Supporting Change for the Better.”

This month’s edition also has two community spotlights: My Sacred Cycle empowers women through divine feminine products and practices, and Harmony to Health offers support for individuals and organizations looking to detoxify their bodies and their environments. “Conscious Eating” talks about how people are choosing to eat less meat — a timely article as the third annual VegFest is coming to Frank Fasi Civic Grounds, Honolulu, on October 13. Check out all the activities in October. There’s sure to be several you’ll want to attend.

Please enjoy these and the rest of the October edition.

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