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Sacred Cycle - Empowering Women : Through Divine Feminine

Sep 28, 2018 08:40AM ● By KAREN CHARRON

Alila Grace, who created Sacred Cycle, wants to inspire women to love and cherish their bodies. Her goal is to promote a sacred awareness of the divine feminine by bridging the physical and spiritual. She is deeply rooted in ancient tantric teachings and is a passionate teacher of womb consciousness and women's holistic wellness.

Alila traveled in third world countries and felt a pressing need for alternative menstrual options for both travelers and locals. The experiences provided the inspiration for the creation of the Mahina Cup, which provides an empowering solution for women all over the world.

Through her online store based on Big Island, Hawaii, she offers a variety of pelvic, yoni and womb-care products. She is constantly integrating, creating and re-inventing her offerings. Her products are also available in retail locations as stores discover the vast appeal and demand for these items. Some examples of her products are:

  • Mahina Cup – A chemical-free, reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits snuggly in the vaginal canal. It’s produced from the highest quality, health-grade, Class VI silicone. It offers 12 hours of leak-free protection, is safe to use, easy to clean and enjoyable to wear.
  • Jade Yoni Egg – 100% natural and genuine nephrite Canadian jade, it’s an amazing tool for ancient practices of healing womb trauma, toning the pelvic floor, awakening dormant energies, increasing fertility and expanding orgasmic potential.
  • Moon Lodge Balm – Created in the Spirit of the Moon Lodge, it’s handcrafted in small batches with love and intention.
  • Pink Lady Yoni Blush – This powder is ideal for keeping dry, clean, rosy and comfortable, and shielding from excess moisture, bacteria and yeast build up.
  • Yoni Priestess Steam Seat – Hand made and blessed on Big Island, these seats are comfortable, travel-friendly and a potent way to incorporate home yoni steam treatments into self-care practices. They’re crafted with an all-natural stain and sealed with an organic bees-wax finish.
  • Yoni Priestess Herbs – Three different and unique blends of yoni steaming herbs, all are wild-crafted and 100% organic.
  • CBD Love Oil – This full-spectrum, full-plant, Hawaii homegrown CBD (low THC) love oil is a natural cure-all medicine.

Sacred Cycle products will be available at the Oahu Holistic and Metaphysical (OHM) Expo, October 20‒21, at the Neil Blaisdell Center, 777 Ward Ave., Honolulu, in the Natural Awakenings Hawaii booth (#103).

For more information and to order products, visit or email [email protected].




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