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Unplug and Connect

Apr 29, 2019 08:35AM

May brings Mother’s Day and has traditionally been a month of celebrations. For many children, school is wrapping up and vacations are being planned. Take some time this month to look at the summer schedule and be sure to set aside some time to embrace the natural world and just unplug.

Getting out into nature is a personal passion for us, walking along streams that glisten with sunlight filtering through the leaves helps to erase the everyday stresses and brings us back to a balance of love and gratitude. The interview with Peter Sagal, the popular National Public Radio host of Running Toward Mindfulness, shares insights about how to heal by connecting to our body and nature. Her Soul in Bloom also talks about unplugging from gadgets as a way to rejuvenate. It may even require specifically scheduling “me” time on a calendar.

In Gardening for Kids: The Fun of Growing Their Own, we explore how getting kids in touch with where foods come from is a great way to encourage healthy eating habits and eco awareness. Fruits and vegetables are also the focus of Vision Quest: Eat a Rainbow of Color for Healthy Eyes. It describes how two specific nutrients have been shown to reduce the risk and slow the progression of cataracts and macular degeneration—the two most common age- and diet-related causes of vision loss. There’s even a fascinating article about how plants communicate with one another and their environment.

Please enjoy these and the rest of the May edition.

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