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Natural Awakenings Hawaii

Publisher Pleasures

May 31, 2019 01:55PM


s we talk with people that are considering becoming the new publisher of Natural Awakenings Hawaii magazine, we find ourselves explaining the many ways the magazine has enriched our lives. From working with folks at distribution sites, to attending events or just being out and about in the community, there are many personal rewards for publishing this magazine.

We love keeping in touch with the practitioners and business owners that advertise in these pages by writing articles announcing new things they’re doing and how therapies they’re offering can benefit our readers. The stories they have to tell are informative and heart-felt as they endeavor to help our o’hana.

We then get to hear from our readers and learn how Natural Awakenings has touched their lives. Some have called looking for back copies to complete their collection of the nearly five years of monthly issues that have been published.

We’re also enriched each month by the expression of creativity associated with putting the magazine together. From selecting the photos to choosing the articles, there’s the simple enjoyment and satisfaction of completing another edition and sending it out.

All of this is in place, ready for a new owner to step in and continue leading the way with the latest information and stories about attaining and maintaining optimal health.

As the publisher, you can work at your own pace, from anywhere you please—couch, lanai or even the beach. Is that new publisher you? Give us a call, 808-927-3435.

This month’s edition honors the month when fathers are remembered, and kids are afoot. Our focus is on health and fitness for him and well-being for the whole family. Writer Melanie Laporte offers an insightful path to wellness in “Nature’s Toolbox: The Key to Prostate Health,” an up-to-date report on the latest approaches for treating and preventing some major problems associated with this tiny yet highly important gland.

Marlaina Donato also offers a masculine perspective on water aerobics, a fitness regimen that was once the domain of women. “Just Add Water: Aquatic Workouts for Him” details how more men are moving to the shallow end of the pool to sculpt their bodies and tend to injured knees, stiff joints and high blood pressure with low-impact therapy. And Chris Bruno offers inspiration to fathers with his personal essay, “Fatherhood’s Pain and Glory: We Must Face Our Own Story First.”

Of course, cerebral health knows no gender and “Food Sleuth” Melinda Hemmelgarn’s “Brain-Savers: Smart Strategies to Keep Dementia at Bay” is a must-read for anyone concerned with preventing and treating cognitive decline and memory loss. More than a third of global dementia cases are preventable, so adopting diet and lifestyle risk-reduction measures is a “no-brainer”. One way to feed the brain is with the unique nutrients found in mushrooms. Discover the magic in these healthy (and delicious) fungi with writer April Thompson’s “Medicinal Mushrooms: Beyond Buttons and Portabellas.”

This month’s Wise Words also points the way to the healing power of foods and much more with Dr. Sanjay Gupta's take on “Chasing Life.” CNN’s chief medical correspondent shares his eye-opening experiences following an immersive tour of some of the happiest and healthiest places on Earth. The resulting docuseries of the same name explores, among other helpful topics, how ancient traditions may play a role in 21st-century health care.

Please enjoy these and the rest of the June edition.

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