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Awesome August

Jun 28, 2019 02:02AM


August is a month when summer plans become less structured. The summer holiday and graduation parties have already happened, and people are freer to make their own plans. Take the time to enjoy August with all its wonder. Head to the beach, enjoy a hike, hang out at the pool. Relax with all the gusto you can muster!

        August is also an ideal time for parents to hit the reset button and take stock of the myriad of challenges children face in these times. Meredith Montgomery confronts them head-on in “21st Century Parenting: Preparing Kids for the Future.” She offers insights into raising kind, resilient and resourceful kids in a world vastly different from the one we grew up in. This article is insightful even for people that are not currently raising children of their own. An important part of this equation is nourishing young bodies as well as minds, and Food Sleuth Melinda Hemmelgarn tackles that in “Feeding Healthy Habits: A 10-Step Guide.” She explains the importance of teaching kids cooking as a life skill, supporting school gardens and bonding with them in the process. These are steps on the road to opening their eyes to media manipulation and helping them overcome the marketing tricks that encourage them to buy foods that are not good for their bodies or the Earth.

        Adults and kids will find plenty of healthy activities and options in this month’s issue. Take a walk on the wild side with April Thompson’s “Wild and Wonderful: Foraging for Foodies” as your guide. Or take a cerebral spin with Marlaina Donato’s well-researched article about the positive impacts of bicycling on the brain. It can improve cognitive function and reduce depression and chronic anxiety and other conditions by boosting happy neurotransmitters. Studies show benefits related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other brain disorders, as well.

        Our August spotlight shines on animals, too. Writer Julie Peterson interviews neurologist Aysha Akhtar, author of Our Symphony With Animals: On Health, Empathy and Our Shared Destinies, who weighs in on the biology of the human/animal bond. Julie also presents a helpful overview of the natural approach used by holistic veterinarians.

        Please enjoy these articles and the rest of the August edition.

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