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Gut Reaction Or From the Heart

Jul 23, 2019 06:10AM

This month’s theme is gut health, which brings to mind how often we’re told to “trust our gut.” This is an interesting recommendation and it makes us wonder how it differs from feelings of the heart. Our gut and heart seem to respond differently to situations. The heart notoriously leans to the romantic and more idealistic aspects of life, while the gut is more pragmatic and practical.

     Walking into a situation can evoke entirely different heart and gut reactions to the same conditions. Which reaction should prevail? Gut reactions to things tend to provide more raw and unfiltered information to us than the heart. Instead of heart-felt images of emotional desires and needs, the gut provides a glimpse of raw reality that can turn us quickly in one direction or the other. Listening to the heart and tempering decisions with feelings from the gut can provide better outcomes.

     Our feature story this month explains how the vagus nerve provides a superhighway between the gut and the brain, and how techniques can be utilized to provide relief for pain, anxiety and inflammation. Soulistic Holistics Hawaii also has a therapy brief that offers techniques that can improve overall gut health.

     This month’s edition also has some great articles about events in our community. Check out the news brief about the Drink Safe initiative that Brandi Kiana-Jo is launching. The workshops she’s offering will provide an opportunity for people to understand how to deal with the potential risks of date-rape drugs.

     We also have a Kudos article about the world peace blessing of the Koholā Ola Whale Project with Sooriya Kumar. Lani Kwon offers insight into how to persevere in difficult situations in True Grit—Harnessing Strengths and Resilience to Be Your Best Self.

     Red Light Therapy Healing Centers has a terrific therapy brief about how red-light therapy can help with fat loss. Crops in the City breaks new ground for urban farming and a companion article Help for Home Gardeners offers tips for having a garden at home.

     The Grace of Abundance shares five practices to bring about a rich life and our Natural Pet section talks about natural approaches instead of antibiotics for pet care. And don’t miss the recipes in the Summer Eating article!

Please enjoy these and the rest of the July edition.


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