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The Key to Staying Young and Vibrant at Any Age

Aug 27, 2019 06:07AM

 How often have you heard the saying “You’re as young as you feel?” What do you think about when you hear that? A good answer would be “I feel younger every day!” How we feel about our age is proven to have an effect on our health. “Your body believes what you repeatedly tell it,” says Soraya Applegate, Licensed Acupuncturist and yoga teacher at Soulistic Holistics Hawaii. “So why not tell yourself you feel younger and happier every day!”

Feeling young does not have to be a complicated or expensive process. Soraya has some easy recommendations for feeling and looking young at any age.

 Stress Less and Laugh More: 

Soraya believes this is a major key to staying young and healthy. Everyone has to deal with stressful situations, the key is how do we deal with them? What are your stress levels? How do you react to everyday situations? Are you able to laugh at yourself, or do you take yourself and your life too seriously? Find a way to lighten up—laughter really is the best medicine (and its free!). The next time you feel yourself getting stressed, try to see the brighter side of the situation.

Move your Body: 

There is no need to spend hours every day at the gym (unless you enjoy it). Just move your body regularly throughout the day. This can be as simple as a couple of short walks a day. Moving your body moves your blood, lymph and qi; this prevents stagnation of body, mind and spirit. Of course, if you enjoy sports, dancing or gym classes, or if you have dogs to walk, incorporating these activities in your life will keep you young and healthy. Here in Hawaii, we can easily go for a walk in nature. Nature helps restore vitality and wellbeing.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: 

 Studies show that worry causes aging and ill health. Worrying is usually about a situation that has not yet happened, causing our minds to over think and our hearts to stress. Find a way to help calm your mind and be more in the present. Activities such as yoga, qi gong, mindfulness and singing can help you be in and appreciate the present moment. There’s always something you can think a happy thought about—start with that one happy thought and let it grow.

Holistic Therapies: 

Soraya is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga, which are both complete systems of medicine for health, vitality and longevity. Having regular acupuncture treatments helps to keep the body, mind and spirit in balance. There are also specific herbs and treatments which focus on youthfulness and vitality. Soraya offers acupuncture facials, helping her patients look younger as well as feel younger. Adaptogenic herbs and teas help the body manage stress, keep the adrenals balanced and the mind sharp. Soraya is a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, which incorporates synchronized movement, breathing and singing that help balance the glandular system. Balancing the endocrine glands and corresponding hormones are the key to our radiance, happiness and overall wellbeing.

Celebrate and Enjoy your life: 

 No need to wait for a birthday or holiday to celebrate. Enjoy your life—celebrate the small things as well as the big achievements. Celebrate your friends’ achievements too. Life is meant to be fun, so celebrate and enjoy yourself! There is nothing more attractive than being with someone that enjoys life and has fun!

Soraya offers a range of holistic therapies and services dedicated to help feeling young, healthy, happy and vibrant at any age, including Traditional Oriental Medicine and Kundalini Yoga. Ready to feel young again? Contact Soraya!

  For more information or to contact Soraya, call 808-721-3083, email [email protected], or visit Soulistic Holistics is located in the Kaneohe town center on the windward side of the island, Kaneohe Pain Relief Center, 45-696 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe

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