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Hawaii Center for Regenerative Medicine

Offering Facial and Hair Rejuvenation Starting in April

Prior to heading out on her yearly Honduras medical mission in March, Dr. Liza Smigel acquired the specialized training to offer adipose derived stem cell therapy, not only for musculoskeletal injuries but also for facial and hair rejuvenation.

When Dr. Smigel returns to Hawaiʻi in April, she will begin offering a revolutionary procedure called ALMI  (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) in the Hilo and Oahu offices of her Hawaii Center for Regenerative Medicine. This revolutionary rejuvenation procedure uses a person’s own tissues to restore a more youthful appearance. The all-natural procedure is a simple outpatient treatment that takes less than 45 minutes, with minimal-to-no downtime.

The procedure uses biocellular regenerative stem repair cells and growth factors harvested from a patient’s own adipose (fat) tissues. Adipose stem cells have shown therapeutic applicability for the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. They can be retrieved in high numbers from subcutaneous adipose tissue and can easily be expanded in vitro.

Collagen in the skin helps maintain a person’s youthful appearance. Unfortunately, collagen production starts to slow down in a person’s mid-to-late 20s. When people are 40, they have 20 percent less collagen and by 50, they have 30 percent less. ALMI is a nonsurgical treatment program that uses a person’s own regenerative stem cells to rebuild the volume to a younger state.

Anyone looking for a natural way to regenerate a youthful appearance should contact Dr. Smigel to learn more about the natural-looking results from this procedure.

For more information, call 808-933-3444 or visit ProloHawaii.com.

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