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Aloha Elixir

Create Change Through Intention

Have you ever wanted to find love, possess more money or simply cleanse the energy in your home? Perhaps you’ve felt stuck and yearned for a new road to travel on. Maybe you’ve lacked physical energy or struggled with self-doubt. No matter what issues you face, taking the time to set a specific intention, in addition to making a commitment to consistently revisit it, can be a powerful first step in achieving what you desire.

Keoki Tavares is an intuitive consultant/reader and healer whose primary goal “is to facilitate positive change and transformation for people.” He is also the owner of Aloha Elixir, a Hawaiian brand of salves, soy candles, balms and other apothecary products. He created Fire Elixir intention candles as a tangible tool for his clients to help them overcome whatever issues they are facing. When people light these candles, they are consciously choosing to take a few minutes out of their busy lives to sit down and focus on what it is that they really want or give thanks for what it is they already have.

Using the candles is simple. Keoki encourages people to write down their intention. “If the space in the intention box on the candle is too small, write it down on a piece of paper and set it underneath,” he instructs. “Make sure the intention is written in the present tense and is always for the highest good.” Compose a carefully worded positive affirmation to either invite or remove any spiritual, emotional or physical blocks. He suggests that people burn the candle daily for a set amount of time, ideally no less than 45minutes. “After lighting it, close your eyes and give it a minute or two. Reaffirm your intention/affirmation and then clean your house, get ready for work or just go about your daily business. You don’t need to sit in front of it the whole time.”

These Fire Elixirs are not simply regular old soy candles; rather, they are an authentic product, handcrafted with love and aloha on Oahu. In addition to being infused with semi-precious stone essences, essential oils and crystals, every intention candle is specially charged with mantras and positive affirmations. Says Keoki, “As far as I know, I am the only person in Hawaii that makes them.”

There are currently 12 Fire Elixir intention candles on the market. Each one has a specific purpose and a unique fragrance blend that has been carefully chosen to enhance the intention of the candle. For example, the Road Opener is made from soy, eucalyptus mint fragrance oil, road opener essential oil blend and locally grown white patchouli flower infusion. It is used to “clear the way for creativity and prosperity,” to “help overcome obstacles and facilitate breakthroughs,” and to “unlock your creativity and create new opportunities on your journey.” The Harmonious Home intention candle is made from soy, lavender and rosemary fragrance oil, frankincense and myrrh oil, Hawaiian sea salt and Palo Santo oil infusion. Use it to “bless, purify and release” and to “clear stagnant energy and raise the vibration of a person or space. Light this Fire Elixir to help bless your environment with positive energy.” The rest of the Aloha Elixir line of Fire Elixir candles consists of Abundant Future, Millionaire, Now, Angel, Letting Go, Profitable Labor, Fertility, Romantic Rose, Mercury and Moon.

Just in case a dozen choices aren’t enough, Aloha Elixir is offering an exclusive, limited edition Gratitude candle for the holiday season. Keoki is only making one batch and says that once they sell out, they’re gone until this time next year. The purpose of this intention candle is to help people really take some time to reflect on their year and give thanks for everything they experienced during it. “Prepare for 2016 by getting in touch with every last drop of gratitude you have for 2015.”

Aloha Elixir Fire Elixir candles are sold at Sedona Hawaii, Where Crystals Rock, Amita Holistic Spa and Sanctuary Salon. They can also be purchased online at Etsy.com. For more information, visit AlohaElixir.com or the company’s blog at AlohaElixirBlog.com.

Blake Lefkoe is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Hawaii and runs Aloha Editing from her home on the North Shore. Contact her at Aloha.Editing@yahoo.com.

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