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Blue Zones Update

​Foodland Wahiawa Celebrates Blue Zones Approval

Celebrating milestones is an important rite of passage. June 1 marked the official celebration of Foodland Wahiawa becoming a Blue Zones Project Approved Grocery Store. Local residents attended to learn about the Blue Zones Project, explore the store’s changes and enjoy tasty plant-based food.
Grocery stores can play a key role in our daily lives by influencing the selection of healthier choices during our grocery shopping. Foodland is making a significant contribution to the community by making it easier for people to make these selections. Their commitment across the state to team up with Blue Zones Project is important step in improving our wellbeing.

Be sure to visit and see food items labeled as a "Healthier Alternative" or "Blue Zones Food.” Also visit the deli section for some new grab-and-goes, or go through checkout lane #3 to experience the Blue Zones Checkout Lane, where sugary snacks and beverages are replaced with healthier options and fresh produce. And if you’re unsure of what to make, there are plant-based recipes available at the front entrance. Foodland Wahiawa is located at 823 California Ave, Wahiawa. Pick up a copy of Natural Awakenings Hawaii while you’re there.

Wahiawa Blue Zones Kickoff Celebration June 9th

The Wahiawa Blue Zones Kickoff Celebration held at the Kaala Elementary School was open to the community and very well attended. The atmosphere was festive with prizes, entertainment, food and booths featuring fun and educational games.





For more information on Blue Zones Project in Hawaii or to learn how to participate, visit Hawaii.BlueZonesProject.com. Follow Wahiawa’s activities on Facebook or Instagram @ BZPWahiawa, or via email at BlueZonesProjectWahiawa@sharecare.com.

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