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Pool Therapy - Can Bring Faster Relief

Offered at Elam Sports O`ahu

When people are overcoming an injury or recovering from surgery they are often sent to physical therapy to regain strength and dexterity. However, there are times when people seeking recovery are not able to participate in traditional land-based therapy due to balance, strength or flexibility problems. That’s where therapy in a pool offers a wonderful alternative to help people regain optimum functionality. Water provides a natural, gentle resistance that aides in muscle strengthening while providing a buoyancy that reduces the effects of gravity on injured or aching joints and muscles.

Elam Sports O`ahu offers pool therapy at their Kapolei facility in addition to other physical therapy services. Water-based therapy is an excellent way to achieve progress in reduced gravity of the pool and then transition to other land-based therapies. Some of the other advantages of pool therapy are:

  • Early, pain-free, range of motion accomplished while submerged.
  • Decreased weight bearing stress while standing and moving.
  • Enhanced range of motion due to improved body/muscle awareness.
  • Increased ability to endure a higher conditioning exercise routine.
  • Decreased pain sensitivity due to higher temperature water and hydrostatic compression.

Anyone wanting to improve natural and functional mobility, whether recovering from an illness, surgery or other difficulty, can contact Elam Sports O`ahu for more information about their facility and the programs offered.

If you need to select a physical therapy facility for rehabilitation, Elam also encourages contacting them for a tour of their facility to explore the different ways they can help you get back to having fun and enjoying life.

Location: 91-1027 Shangrila Street, Building 1867, Kapolei. For more information, call 808-674-9595, email kap@ElamSportsOahu.com or visit ElamSportsOahu.com.



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