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Pono Moment

Being Our Best Self Is Pono

We each have the responsibility to be our best self. It’s sort of an unspoken rule, but when looking into the heart, that’s what it boils down to.

One problem that can happen with this rule is that can make us judge other people against our own standard. If there’s something that we would do in a situation, then everyone else should do that too. That car ahead of us should realize they’re blocking our way and should pull ahead a couple of feet. That woman running the cash register shouldn’t be chatting with the person in front of us because we’re in a hurry. The waitress that got our order wrong is just not capable.

Being our best self extends to these times too. We need to give people the benefit of the doubt since we don’t know the circumstances they’re facing. Believing that others are doing the best they can in their given situation is being pono to others.

If everyone would just believe in others the world would be a happier place. There would be less grumbling about how inconvenienced we were by someone else’s actions. Things are happening the way they’re meant to. That delay in traffic may result in avoiding a mishap later on. The checkout person may need to chat with that other customer to brighten their day because they’re having a really difficult time. The waitress may have just found out that a friend is ill.

Life can be tough. We need to recognize that a tough life isn’t just a personal condition. The path we’re each on intersects with others repeatedly every day, and many of us only see that from our own journey. It’s important to take a moment to realize that other people have their own journey and it’s just as important and interesting as ours.

Smile at them. Give them a nod or even a hello. Acknowledging others gives each of us an opportunity to see the world from other perspectives, if only for a sliver of a moment. Recognizing their human condition invites compassion in. That’s a part of each of us doing and being our best.


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