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Don’t Get Windows Designed for the Mainland

Get Replacement Windows from Diamond Head Windows

Hawai`i obviously has a unique environment, that’s why anyone looking for replacement windows needs to be sure that the windows being offered are suited to Hawai`i’s weather conditions. Diamond Head Windows has been installing windows and doors for the past 29 years in a variety of applications and environments. The company has operated in Hawaii since 2008 and has embraced the needs of Hawaiian homeowners, providing doors and windows that will stand up to the state’s unique climate.

Because windows made for places outside Hawai`i can run into problems when installed here, Diamond Head Windows worked with one of the top window manufacturers in the United States to create a window and door system specifically for Hawaii—the Amerimax All-Climate window system. It’s manufactured by a Consumer Report’s top-rated window manufacturer with 32 years of manufacturing experience. In addition, Diamond Head Windows has created a warranty that is unmatched in Hawaii. It not only includes the frames and glass, but also the hardware and screens, and lifetime accidental glass breakage coverage. It’s also “double lifetime,” meaning that people who sell their home can offer the new owner a full lifetime warranty as well.

Some other things to consider when looking for replacement windows are:

Screens: Unlike mainland windows where screens are often an afterthought due to high reliance on heating and air conditioning, screens are a priority for Diamond Head Windows. Instead of getting screens that are hard to remove, with plastic tabs that break off easily, Diamond Head Windows offers screens with a pull rail so that they can easily be removed from inside the home to make window cleaning a breeze.

Hardware: Stainless steel hardware comes standard on Amerimax doors and windows, which means ease of operation for the life of the home. However, since even stainless steel can corrode in Hawaii, Diamond Head Windows offers the full double-lifetime warranty on hardware as well.

Glass: To protect from heat and ultraviolet light, Amerimax windows and doors have Energy Star-rated, dual-pane glass with argon gas between the panes. They also include NEAT glass which makes water sheet off for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Service: Diamond Head Windows are installed by a trained staff, not sub-contractors, to ensure the windows look great and last a lifetime. Diamond Head Windows also has a full-service department to provide support for anything from a broken window to an operational issue.

Anyone interested in seeing what replacement windows can do for their home should contact Neal Diamond at 808-838-9082. He’ll be happy to visit and take the mystery out of the details about replacement windows, as well as assess the home’s current windows and discuss the best options for replacements that will add value and comfort.

Location: 99-1093 Iwaena Street, Bay G, Aiea. For more information, call 808-838-9082 or visit: DiamondHeadWindows.com. HI License #: C32605.

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