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Elam Sports Oahu

Getting You Back to Living Life

Elam Sports Oahu is a family-owned clinic that was co-founded by Reid Elam, PhD, DPT, ND, ATC, CSCS. Elam’s mission is to serve active families in Hawai`i by providing extraordinary care and service in the areas of physical, massage and aqua therapy that include natural human movement and holistic wellness counseling.

Here are some of the situations and conditions that physical therapy is effective in treating:

Womens Health: Physical therapists offer specialized care for pregnancy and post-partum health, breast cancer, bowel issues, lymphedema, pelvic pain and urinary incontinence.

Mobility: Anyone having mobility issues, including trouble standing, walking or moving, can benefit from physical therapy. There are stretching and strengthening exercises to help restore movement, along with properly fitting individuals with a cane, crutches or other assistive devices or orthotics. Physical therapists customize the care plan based on an individual’s life style to maximize performance and safety.

Balance Improvement: One of the first things that physical therapists assess is an individual’s balance. People who are challenged with balance issues are at an increased risk for falling. Exercises designed to improve balance and coordination are prescribed.

Pain Management: There are a multitude of therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques that aid in the reduction or elimination of pain. The use of joint and soft tissue mobilization along with treatments such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation or taping are effective in relieving pain and restoring muscle and joint function.

Stroke Recovery: Physical therapy helps regain function and movement that can be lost during a stroke. By strengthening weakened body parts, gait and balance can be improved. Stroke patients can also achieve improved independence by learning new movement techniques.

Sports Injury Recovery: Physical therapists are specially trained in understanding the ways that different sports can increase risks for various injuries. This knowledge is used to design appropriate recovery and prevention exercise programs to ensure the safe return to a sport.

Dr. Elam is a graduate of `Iolani School, where he earned academic and athletic scholarships to attend the University of Redlands. While attaining his bachelor’s degree in physical education, he was drafted into the US Army. As a trained Army Medic, he was part of running the 25th Division sports programs and was the Army-Hawaii weightlifting division’s outstanding lifter and division record holder in the discus. He returned to `Iolani as an assistant football and head track and field coach, and subsequently an assistant football coach at Pearl City High School.

Some of Dr. Elam’s notable accomplishments include being a research scientist at NASA in their Space Biomedical Institute, receiving his master’s degree in biomechanics from the University of Oregon and his PhD in exercise science from Oregon State University. He also earned a post-doctoral research grant from National Institute of Health in Geriatric Rehabilitation and conducted Hawai`i's first professional football combines for the IPFL, SFL and Arena 2 football leagues.

Anyone wanting to improve natural and functional mobility, whether recovering from an illness, surgery or other difficulty, can contact Elam Sports O`ahu for more information about their facility and the programs offered. Elam also encourages contacting them for a tour of their facility to explore the different ways they can help you get back to having fun and enjoying life.

Location: 91-1027 Shangrila Street, Building 1867, Kapolei. For more information, call 808-674-9595, email kap@ElamSportsOahu.com or visit ElamSportsOahu.com.

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