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A few years ago, having an accountability partner was very strange to Juli Womack, the founder of Powerful You, Accountability Consulting. She felt it was a bit invasive and initially was very uncomfortable with it. “I felt restricted from being my private self and justifying why I didn’t get things done,” she explains.

It was an eye-opener for her and she started seeing the value of checking in with someone that actually cared about her goals. With all the challenges in her life, she had someone who consistently cheered her on and called her out when she needed it.

There are many people that are focused and strong-willed and may not need an accountability consultant. However, Juli believes that most folks would benefit from one. “After seeing the value of having my own accountability partner, I wanted to support those that are too busy and help them make themselves a priority,” says Juli.

“Being accountable to another party allowed me to move forward, feeling a little more accomplished each time I reached a goal. It made me realize how I was getting in my own way with excuses and fear. Having an accountability consultant gave me the structure I needed to get closer to my purpose of helping others,” she explains.

Her gift of being able to connect with people allows her to offer private, customized consultations and identify short-term goals that move people closer to achieving their long-term goals. She encourages small changes, concentrating on developing behaviors that better serve her clients. “It’s exciting to see as people discover the power that they already have and start feeling more confident about reaching their goals,” she says.

Find out how to add accountability into your busy life and get results that matter to you!

Connect with Juli at (808) 228-3573 or email at PowerfulYou808@gmail.com

Five Things an Accountability Consultant Will Do:

1. Keep you on track, getting past the distractions

2. Give honest feedback, advice you need to hear vs. want to hear

3. Create awareness, making room for better choices

4. Be a good listener to ideas, problems, solutions

5. Challenge you, pushing through the anxieties of uncomfortable

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