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The Truth About Hypnosis

Permanent Change Is Easier Than You Think

Randy Hampton and Beverly Craddock

 Unfortunately, people are not perfect; everybody’s got issues. Whether they’re bad habits, irrational phobias, unhealthy addictions or simply a lack of self-esteem, everyone has attributes that they would like to change. While many people think that real, lasting change is impossible—or too hard, expensive or time consuming to be bothered with—there are those that strive for it. Yet, too often, the change they make is only temporary or doesn’t happen at all. Sometimes, people need to look for help outside themselves in order to create the permanent, profound change they desire.

That’s where Randy Hampton and Beverly Craddock come in. These talented and highly trained professionals run a business that is dedicated to helping people overcome their obstacles; it’s called Hawaii Hypnosis Center, in Honolulu.

Most people have a very skewed idea of what hypnotherapy actually is. Randy says that the biggest challenge regarding the practice is education. “It’s helping people understand that it isn’t like going to a witch doctor. Hypnosis isn’t mind control like they make it look on stage shows where they get people to cluck like chickens.” So, if hypnosis isn’t everything mainstream media and gimmicky entertainers would have us believe, then what is it really? Randy explains, “We put your conscious mind into a very relaxed place so that your subconscious mind opens up and can work through stuff.”

When people ask him, “Isn’t hypnosis just a trick?” he responds by saying: “Absolutely, but so is the stuff that got you into the problem that you have. When you have a fear or a phobia, a weakness, it’s because your mind tricked you into believing something that’s not true. If you’re afraid of something, like flying on an airplane, it isn’t because flying on an airplane is inherently dangerous; it’s no more dangerous than anything else we do. It’s that your mind has made you believe it’s more dangerous. And if your mind has tricked you into believing something that isn’t true, why not use every trick you can find to untrick it?”

This talented pair of hypnotists work with their clients on just about every issue imaginable. Randy tells how people are always coming into his office with problems they feel are bizarre. They say, “Oh, I don’t know if you can help me with this; I’m sure I’m the only one with this problem,” but Hampton is able to reassure them that he’s helped numerous people in the past with the same issue.

In addition to dealing with more obscure obstacles, this dynamic duo has had incredible results in the following areas: quitting smoking, losing weight, breaking bad habits and unwanted addictions, relieving stress, eliminating phobias and anxieties, building confidence and self-esteem, working through relationship issues, and drastically improving one’s sports game.

It may sound cliché, but Randy and Beverly are really all about helping people. They do what they do because they are passionate about making a difference in the lives of their clients. These two are not in it for the money (if it weren’t for the overhead of the business and the exorbitant cost of living in Honolulu, this genuine couple would probably help every single person that entered their office for free). Their sessions are affordable, and they offer discounts to students, military, seniors, HMSA members, and even anyone that mentions this article.

Most issues can be resolved in three (or less) 90-minute sessions. If a client is not fully satisfied, Randy or Beverly will continue to work with them until the issues are completely handled, often at no extra charge. Hawaii Hypnosis Center also offers a stop smoking guarantee. Since the Center opened in 2006, they’ve helped roughly 500 people to quit permanently, usually in just one session.

While helping smokers give up cigarettes is an immensely gratifying feat, it is only one of the areas in which they have had tremendous success. Randy and Beverly have worked with people that were so anxious they couldn’t leave their homes, get on an airplane, speak in public, drive over bridges or through tunnels, and so on. These two hypnotherapists help people overcome their issues on a daily basis. In every session, clients accomplish major breakthroughs—what Randy describes as “little victories, where people say, ‘Wait, I feel better!’”

Hawaii Hypnosis Center has nothing but five-star Yelp reviews, and its endless testimonials are a testament to what this amazing duo can, and do, accomplish. The center does some advertising, but the majority of its clients come from referrals, and that, more than anything, speaks to the kind of results Randy and Beverly help people achieve.

Location: 765 Amana St., Suite 205, Honolulu. For more information, call 808-221-7353 or visit HawaiiHypnosisCenter.com.

Blake Lefkoe is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings and runs Aloha Editing from her home on the North Shore. Contact her at Aloha.Editing@yahoo.com and follow her on Instagram @Aloha.Editing.


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