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The Change Has Arrived

Adria Wind Horse Estribou channels shamanic sound transformation through her voice. Shamanic “lightening” calls forth communication, blessing and healing energies from other dimensions to shift blocked energy and release old wounds and connections. Adria also channels messages from a collective of crystalline and angelic beings supportive of the spiritual evolution of beings on Earth. In early September, she channeled a message about a planetary change we are in now.

The following is an excerpt from that message: “What is happening today and this month and the months following up to perhaps five and maybe six months from now is quite a great catastrophic change. We use this word not at all to mean anything negative, but to mean that it is so much of a transformation that it cannot be missed.

“You might be experiencing this on a physical level. Some people are having what we would say are actual physical events, such as the flood in Houston. So, for some of us, change has taken a very physical form. Some people might have heart attacks if they never had issues with their heart before, or something happening in one of their legs. This is all a physical manifestation of what is happening on the planet. It is a great clearing of trash on a cellular level. So, the trash that is stored in our physical body, and all of the cells in the planet’s energetic system are exploding outward. This is positive because the trash has been sort of like a shell that allowed us not to see so clearly, energetically, what we are. So once this shell is exploded and taken away from us, what we are left with is what we are, which is light, which is of course the higher vibrations of reasoning.

“So once this shell is removed—exploded on so many levels from the tiny levels inside our cells to the larger macrocosm of what we are—we are left with something that is so entirely different. Even though many of us have predicted for many decades now, this coming of the Age of Aquarius—or whatever other names you might give it—it is greater than our best imaginings. What is upon us now is greater than any of us could have imagined for ourselves over many lifetimes for this planet.

“So many have been working toward this goal for many lifetimes and offering light and guidance to seed this change. And to you we say thank you. The change has arrived. There is nothing more that you need to do or not do in this moment. For these next few months, it is either just enjoying or just hanging on and knowing that it will pass. You do not need now to add your energies, although of course it will not be harmful, because the time for pushing and doing and planning is done. It’s helpful to know what is happening, so that we do not blame ourselves and our own actions or inactions for having somehow caused this feeling of doubt or cloudiness or physical pain.

‚Äč“And if you take nothing from this, please know that whatever is happening in your own life right now in these few months is because of this catastrophic change on Earth, and we mean catastrophic in the most beautiful way possible—meaning smashing what was, and what we are left with is light. What we are left with is light.”

Adria Wind Horse Estribou leads group and private sessions for shamanic sound healing and channeling. For more information, visit WingSound.com


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