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Harmony to Health

A Passion for Living Healthy

Harmony to Health, and its sister company Sunshine Green Cleaning, were created by Kathleen Buck out of passion for healthy living. This passion started while she was very young, and continued when she moved to Sweden, a country which is renowned for its holistic approach to life, and comprehensive and universal access to education and medical care.

As a teen, Kathleen visited Rodale Farm, which is the heart of Rodale Institute in Kutztown, Pennsylvania and the home of Prevention magazine. This visit was during the early ‘70s when Rodale Institute was pioneering many of the foundational natural nutritional standards. The impression that this visit made on Kathleen began her on a vigilant pursuit of healing naturally through nutrition. She firmly understood that “Health is Wealth.”

Seeking to learn everything she could about nutrition, she graduated from University of Gothenburg, Sweden with a degree in Food Science. Her strong knowledge of nutritional practices was used in earnest while raising her five children and maintaining her own health on a pure, clean diet. Her home in the Kahala area of Honolulu is a stunning example of living pure, from the vast array of fruits, vegetables and herbs growing in her yard, to the juicer in the kitchen and the clean aroma of all-organic cleaning products used to keep her home healthy.

Food for Health

Kathleen recognizes that each person has unique nutritional requirements based on their current health, individual metabolic needs and lifestyle. A one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition doesn’t work, so she creates a custom plan for an individual based on their specific health concerns, lifestyle and current eating habits. New, healthier food choices are substituted for less healthy ones for a program that can be successfully implemented and sustained. Special attention is paid to making sure that proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are balanced for optimum health. People that will benefit from Kathleen’s support are individuals that:

  • Have difficulty managing sugar levels, blood pressure or weight
  • Are tired all the time or suffer from aches and pains
  • Want to learn how to attain the right balance of nutrients
  • Are looking to eat a more vegetarian/vegan diet but aren’t sure how.

Environmental Role

A key component to health is the environment we live in. Kathleen’s experience through her holistic cleaning company, Sunshine Green Cleaning, has given her unique qualifications for helping people learn how to create healthy environments using safe, biodegradable products. She works with property management firms that want to transform their units from toxin ridden, allergy-inducing places to allergy-resistant sanctuaries. She has a comprehensive checklist that identifies trouble points and recommends alternatives. This checklist can be used to certify and maintain a space as Allergen Friendly and free of toxins. The transformation made possible by this process improves efficiency, removes allergen-inducing elements and introduces elegant simplicity. The Allergen Friendly distinction will also attract the discerning clientele seeking healthier work and living spaces. Kathleen offers this consulting and training service to:

  • Property managers
  • Cleaning crews
  • Hotels
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Rental units
  • Offices
  • Spas, yoga studios and clinics

Kathleen also provides periodic public workshops featuring nutritional and environmental recommendations and training. Anyone interested in learning more about the healthy living services Harmony to Health offers can contact Kathleen for more information.

Location: Kahala, Honolulu. To learn more about Harmony to Health or to schedule a consultation, call 808-218-3182, email Harmony2Health@yahoo.com; also visit on Facebook by searching Harmony to Health.

Karen Charron is a freelance writer living on Oahu and a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Hawai`i.




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