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1. Brandi Kiana-Jo
Schedule a one-on-one session or attend one of Brandi's seminars. Either way, it will help you start your year off right!
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2. Creating a Loving Relationship with Self
Brandi describes how self love has to be present in order for love of any kind to flourish.
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3. Empowering Teachers to Empower Students
Teachers, principals and other educators should check out this empowering workshop offered by health coach and community advocate, Brandi Kiana-Jo.
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4. Launching Girlfriends Event to Help Bring Strength
Looking for a time to unwind? Join Brandi Kiana-Jo for Girlfriends.
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5. The Importance of Girlfriends!
Read about the importance of Girlfriends and what is happening next in the Girlfriends world!
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6. Girlfriends! Brings Women Together
Read more about this new way of networking. Because every event is different, come as a first-timer or come to every event and experience something new.
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7. Girlfriends!
The May Girlfriends Event will celebrate the one year anniversary of Girlfriends! Join the women who are authentically uniting to share activities activities about love, happiness, business and inspiration.
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8. Natural Awakenings Hawaiʻi Sponsoring Body Mind Spirit Expo
Come meet our sponsors. Use the coupon on page 29 of the May Edition for a discount on admission.
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9. Belonging
Read tips for belonging to a community of people and get contact information for places you will fit in.
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